Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Heavenly Hydrangeas at Amsbaugh Gardens

I absolutely love hydrangeas.  The perfection of the flowers, the gorgeous heads of blossoms, the variation in colors and form.  When we moved to Preston, I left hydrangeas behind, but brought a few dried blossom clusters with me.  Nineteen years later, I still have one on the shelf in my sewing room.  So, when we were at Judy and Bob's. I took advantage of the beauty of her gardens and took photos of the many varieties she has.  (There are still a few more than shown here.)  Aren't they beautiful?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Exciting Happenings in Olympia

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago on a quiet Sunday afternoon at the Petersen domicile.  As you can see, a peaceful calm permeated the house, leaving Judy and me total freedom.  Fortunately, our husbands are past the age of being concerned about being caught napping when the moment is right.  Nothing like family unity!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Ronald and Ellizabeth Gage

Ron and Elizabeth are on their way today to Bellevue to the temple to witness the marriage of their daughter, Andrea to Ken Krull.   The happiness of the occasion seemed to be reflected in them this morning and so I tried to capture that feeling.  The posed photos I took of them, just didn't do the job.  But this one I caught afterward, and I think I got it!
We've had a good time while they have been staying with us.