Friday, January 30, 2015

Just Cataloging Pictures -

Did all of us remember our brother when he was young and debonair.  Was this the infamous car from Earl?  Where was this picture taken, Dwight?  I will try to find more pictures from the file that are reminders.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Circular Bridge to Yellowstone

This photo is from Grant Wasden's collection which he included in his video regarding his mother, Clara Wasden, and her days working in Yellowstone.  The "overpass" is a model for today's freeways.  This is probably the bridge Grant is asking about Grandpa's involvement. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Grandpa Wasden and the Bridge at Yellowstone

Grant Wasden had a question about Grandpa Wasden being involved in the construction of the corkscrew bridge in Yellowstone.  I'm not sure I have the name of the bridge right, but it is the circular bridge.  Unfortunately I can't find the Facebook post with the picture on it.  However, if any one has any information from memory or from records about this bridge, please let us know.  I do remember something about Grandpa's involvement with this bridge but that's as far as my memory goes.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Year of Our Penrose Blog

You may not like the sagebrush and corner fence post since it looks a little dreary, but I thought it would be a reminder of what a lot of Penrose was still like before some of us left home and what all of it was like before Grandpa and Grandma Wasden and the other Penrose pioneers arrived and started grubbing the sagebrush.

I'd like to see if we could finish the task of getting one complete volume of Dad's inlay work (the term marquetry was never heard before I left home).  Let's not worry to much about the photos.  We don't need to duplicate the photos that we already have or that I have in my photo book.  I'll see if I can get on my photo book

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

     I know, there should be photos to accompany this post but there wasn't time to take any. After 12 gallons of milk, 10 loaves of bread, five containers of home made strawberry jam, 3 bags of oranges eaten, lots of meals cooked, games of all kinds played, snow piled on either side of the driveway in the front yard, for protection during snow ball fights, sledding, colds shared, Christmas lights checked out, broken thermostat replaced, cold winds and temperatures survived, etc,, our house has shuddered back into its normal, boring routine.
     This morning, as Paul left to begin another semester of teaching, we looked at each other and said something about thinking we might be just a little tired. We had anywhere from 30 to a mere 18 busy big and little people filling up the house's nooks and crannies with lots of laughter and a few "please don't jump on the air beds" requests.Challenges were shared, successes acknowledged and lots of hugs exchanged. It was a wonderful way to begin the New Year.
     May the year ahead find us all recognizing the many blessings that come our way, even when life isn't perfect. Love you all.