Sunday, March 31, 2013

What Was Easter Without Easter Eggs?

It seems as if we  dyed Easter eggs every year that I can remember.  Fortunately, on the farm, eggs were usually to be had in abundance.  Mother would hard boil the eggs in her big aluminum kettle, and we would drop the little colored pills into a variety of cups, along with a little vinegar and water, count out the eggs, and then the fun would begin.  I suppose we were not always in harmony in our activities, but I just remember the fun of  it all.  There were little transfers that you could put on the egg before coloring it, or use the little holder that came with the kit for dyeing eggs to dip one end in one color and the other end with another color.  Then, when the eggs were all completed, we would have Easter egg hunts, where one person would hide the eggs, and the rest would hunt for them.  We never needed a prize for the most eggs - it was just the fun of the whole thing.  The picture of Judy and Ann, intently at work, is one of the few Easter-egg dyeing pictures that I have.   You can see the old kettle at the edge of the picture.  But the important thing is that Ann is patiently waiting her turn as Judy contemplates how to do the egg.  Where was Steve?  I do look at the old kitchen table, which had such a hard life.  Mother was confronted with the question of the best finish to resist the depredations of eight people sitting down together to each meal. One time, she glued down vinyl place mats, and then varnished the whole thing so that we could wash the table easily.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where is Everybody?

The blossoms in the big photo above are truly springlike and lovely - gives the rest of us who may be in a climate that is slower to have anything budding out,  hope that spring will come.  I'm missing the give and take or the little postings with news - are you all on vacation?  (I must have been, too)  However, I'll give you a tidbit of information.  We get many e-mails (I know you do, too), about the unusual use of common things. Ron called my attention to one that said that a gatorade helps cure headaches.  I've been having lots of the blasted things, and am restricted as to what pain meds I can take - an ibiprofin (sp?) once a week doesn't cut it.  I tried the gatorade cure, and nine times out of ten, it works.  Must mean there's something missing in my diet, but I'll take any solution that's out there.  Now, it's your turn!  ;-)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stop the World From Spinning

This sheet of paper has become very important to me.  Judy tried to explain these exercises to me over the phone, but due to diminished brain capacity, I couldn't quite picture them.  She kindly sent this to me, and it has been a lifesaver.  We have enough problems as we live longer, so we don't need to complicate them with extra spins in our world.  Thank  you, Judy!  Your art work is efficient, and I do love the constant smile on the face of the vertigo sufferer - Keep smiling!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Miracle Baby

Because you have called and asked about an update, I can't resist posting this photo taken today.  I suspect this was a moment of great joy for everyone concerned.  Today is a good day!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Rest of March 1941 Letters

I know that we have posted these previously, but now you have everything close together.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Praying For Our Miracle

The hands belong to Nathan.  The little tiny body belongs to Gwen Alaina Tanner who decided she needed to come into this world two months early.  She weighs 3# 3oz. and is 17 inches long.

Needless to say it has been a very exhausting day for Nathan's little family.  He woke up this morning, caught a quick flight from Salt Lake City to Oakland but just as he was getting on the plane he received the news that this little tiny baby was born, was driven to Petaluma, got the car at their house, drove to the hospital where Bridget had really been struggling all day, and spent the rest of the day feeling very overwhelmed, but grateful for the day they have had.  Bridget seems to be doing better tonight but will stay in the hospital for the next two to three days.

The Drs. are cautiously optimistic.  Gwen was on a ventilator for the first hour and although she can breath on her own they are taking measures to protect her lungs.

I just wanted to share our miracle of the day and ask for your prayers that in the days ahead she will be able to gain the strength she needs.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Elizabeth's Letter to Mother 1941

 There is so much to be read between the lines here.  Who wants to start?

Dwight's Letter to Mother -- 1941

Dwight (and everyone else) wrote letters to cheer Mother while she was in the hospital at Billings.  It was perhaps due to a possible miscarriage.  The story, and illustration, of Dwight's shiner, I'm sure brightened her day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Rescan of Elizabeth and Louise's Letters- 1943

Elizabeth has previously posted both of these letters, but she asked if I would do a rescan of them to see if we could get a more readable copy.  I am happy to say........mission accomplished!