Thursday, September 30, 2010


Abel Russell Blood -And he is ----- Abel is the father of Moses, who is the father of Roscoe, who is the father of Russell, which makes him our great, great grandfather. Just thought you might like to have this in your records.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ode to Dwight

I know this guy named Dwight,

whose life, so he says, has been quite a plight.

He struggled, he loved, he laughed, he taught,

He desired, among other things to never be caught

Without the newest or "funnest" gadgets his siblings had first,

Or to be last on the list to be told the "latest dirt". (so what does rhyme with first?)

Over the years he has tried,

to be whatever being "big brother" implied.

Setting an example for all to contemplate,

Should I? Or shouldn't I, Oh, I think I'll just wait

To see if he's serious before I take the bait.

Multi-level bargains, wigs and pantyhose, and a calming potion,

Are just some of the adventures he helped put in motion.

But when all is said and done,

What would I change? Not one.

We have shared laughter and tears,

Dreams, frustrations and fears,

And since today is the start of your new year,

My wish for you is quite sincere.

May you continue to find laughter, and see the good in each day,

No matter what challenge may come your way,

Your life is a gift, that makes our lives more complete

So, please, be a good boy, go rub Vicks on your feet.

Enjoy lots of birthday treats, and get a good night's rest,

BYU plays tomorrow, you need to be at your best.

(Ok, dumb attempt, but am out of photos! Happy Birthday, Dwight. It was fun seeing you for a few minutes yesterday. I hope you made it home safe and sound. Love you, Annie)


It's the best I could do.  Who's the short thing in the middle?  Look how she looks adoringly at her older brother.  If I could only get that kind of respect.

Monday, September 13, 2010

House No. 17 in Pohled

No. 17 today

No. 17 before our time.
How do we begin to describe what is felt by our connection to this picture?  Anna CHLADKOVA lived in this house in 1838 and since she was born in 1820, that would have made her 18 years old.  You ask, who was this Anna....She is the paternal grandmother of our g-grandfather, Frank KRAJICEK, who is the father of our grandmother, Louise Krajicek Blood.

Is Anna in this picture?  One would have to study Cezch photography history to see what the possibilities are.  The original of the picture  was shown to Shannon's researcher by the husband of current owner of the property.  The reseracher was told that several CHALDEK generations lived at the farm.  Whether Anna is in the picture or not, the surroundings, clothing, buildings, etc. would have been nearly the same. 

Just a quick glance at websites concerning photography history in eastern Europe lets us know that taking this picture was a big deal.
This is a current picture where the orginal farm court was and this is the husband of the present owner.  We are indebeted to him for sharing the old photo.

Dresser/Bureau Treasures

Does any of this look familiar? I think Steve had posted the chip carved box that also had a place of prominence on the dresser/bureau. Memories?
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Mother's and Grandma's Dresser

A few weeks ago, Dwight asked me to post a photo of The dresser, so here it is. See how compliant I am - in this instance! Remember dusting all the curly cues, that aren't there anymore?

Down in the Valley

The three innocents sitting on the fence. This picture was taken in August of 1955, when we all went with Mother to Valley up the South Fork of the Shoshone River to scope out the possibility of her teaching in this remote area for a year. The picture had faded badly, and my program was not sophisticated enough to recover colors, but you can see the happy faces of Steve, Ann, and (more grown-up) Judy. This picture brings back a lot of memories.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School, September 1945

In the days when girls were required to wear dresses to school, Louise and I were prepared for the first day of school. Louise wore her store-bought (hand-me-down?) brown and white dress and her brown and white dress shoes with anklets, and I wore a made-over green plaid dress with my favorite penny loafers. Notice that the main road through downtown Penrose was full of ruts - dried for now, but susceptible to exciting times when the rains fell or the snow melted. The first day of school was still very exciting to us. Who knew what adventures were around the corner?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Annie

I am borrowing this picture from Dwight's collection.  The watermelon are gigantic compared with the seedless variety we  buy today.  But the charming picture of Ann, which I can be confident is not her favorite, none the less, tells of her endeavors to be creative.  Ann is cute no matter what!