Tuesday, December 22, 2015

History Recorded

As I look at my bookshelf I find that I am very rich in the history of our family members.  It amazes me that four of my siblings have written stories of their childhood/lives, and it further amazes that, although we had the same parents and grew to adulthood while living mostly in Penrose, Wyoming, that we all had different paths and went different ways.  And yet, here we are all of us living longer, and looking back on these experiences that were so unique.  And we have formed bonds of friendship that will endure!  All of these books fall under the category of Family History, and I am so pleased to have them to read and re-read.  Hopefully, our offspring will find the stories interesting and illuminating.

I tried taking pictures of the book covers of the five autobiographical works - of course, Louise has two, and Dwight three.  Wonderful reading!  (Steve, it's your turn).

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Penrose Mail

Dwight and I had a discussion this week about getting our mail from Grandpa Wasden's mailbox by walking down the longer lane headed west from our corrals.  I store some Christmas things in this treasured brown box and happened upon it today.  It was from Sears, Roebuck and Co in Chicago and contained a beautiful green coat for Mother.  The address label says it all.....it was shipped on Aug 14, 1931 at a cost of 16 cents. It was sent to Minnie W Blood, care of J B Wasden........

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kathryn Ann's 73rd Birthday

Remember when Ann was a little twerp?  Her hair was so long that the only way Mother could keep it neat was to braid it into very long braids that flew behind her. But what a cute little girl and to think that she is our sister!

I have this photo labeled "Queen Ann's Coronation".  This seems most appropriate, since Ann has the ability to rule.....the roost, her family, her ward, her brothers and sisters.   There is not a one of us that would be foolish enough not to want to do her bidding. After all, she knows ...."here's what you do."
I seek her advice, her balancing ability and her secrets for endurance.  We all love her and are so blessed that Dr. Graham made it to Ralston, Wyoming on the fist day of December 1942 to help Mother safely bring this baby girl into the world.  Happy Birthday Ann!!!!