Sunday, July 31, 2011

Siblings of Russell Blood

Kathryn Blood - a half sister
Paul Blood - a half brother.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Party

The special entertainment was a bagpiper. I was so caught by surprise and loving bagpipe music the second I heard the sound from the hall I broke down and cried. It was so amazing what my kids thought of for me.

As you can tell, I enjoyed it immensely.

Kevan's group, Lattigo, entertained throughout the evening. Here they are playing Happy Birthday.

Kevan getting into Orange Blossom Express. He is amazing. (Does my motherly pride show?)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here's Whatcha Do

Dear Louise, This is the whole story about your book on vintage sewing. I found the book on line right before Judy's birthday. Called Ann, and asked her if she thought it would be good for Judy and for your birthday. We looked at some of the pages on Amazon (I think), and then decided that all four of us should have the same book. So, Ann was already putting in a book order at Amazon, so she said she would order her own birthday present (why wait until December 1st?). I proceeded to put in an order (I thought) for the other three books. A couple of weeks went by, and I realized that no books had come. Back to Amazon, My Account, and there was no evidence of an order - what hadn't I done? So, naturally, the thing to do was to place another order, which I thought I did. (Note: I order books from Amazon all the time, and never had any problem. In fact, two other orders came from them in the same time I thought this order should come.) Again, no books, and Ann had had hers for some time. Soooo - the third time is the charm, right? The books finally came - in time for my birthday, two months after the intended first order should come. The upshot was that now we had to figure out who owed who what for what book. Your book, Louise, was to be your birthday present from the three of us. Judy was gang-pressed into paying her fair share for the three gifts. How do you figure this out? Ann finally came up with the following solution, which is pretty darned good, I think. However, Judy had to mess the whole thing up by sending me too much money, so now I owe her something like $3.64. Sigh. We're just sorry that you couldn't have been laughing with us while all of this nonsense was going on. The one thing I'm struck by is how simplified the sewing and fashions were in the late 1920s. Love, Elizabeth

Ann came to the rescue with the following solution.

Begin forwarded message:

 From: Ann Tanner

> Date: June 1, 2011 11:30:35 AM MDT

> To: Bob and Judy Petersen , Gage

> Subject: Here's Whatcha Do Maybe

> This is a story book problem at its best.

> Major accounting issue:

> 1. Louise's book $20.00 divided by 3 = 6.35 paid by E. J. A.

> 2. Judy's book $20.00 divided by 2 = 10.00 paid by E. A.

> 3. Elizabeth's book $20.00 divided by 2 = 10.00 paid by J. A.

> 4. Ann's book $20.00 divided by 2 = 10.00 paid by E. J.

> So, now, who owes what to whom, you ask.

> Well - here's whatcha do.

> Elizabeth bought three books, Ann bought one book.


> Elizabeth, Judy and Ann send Elizabeth 6.35 each for Louise's book.


> Elizabeth and Ann pay 10.00 each for Judy's book.


> Judy and Ann pay 10.00 each for Elizabeth's book.


> Elizabeth and Judy pay 10.00 each for Ann's book.


> So each one of us owes $26.35 somewhere, somehow.


> Now, this is where it gets tricky.


> Judy sends Elizabeth $16.35 for Louise's book and Elizabeth's book. She sends 10.00 to Ann for her book (that she bought for herself, so does this qualify? If so, I can see a small business with potential. Shall I let you know when I buy more books?).


> Ann would normally (Is any of this normal????) send Elizabeth $26.35 for Judy's and Elizabeth's and Louise's books, but since she got in a hurry and bought her own book (yes, some of us remember to click on "place order" on Amazon so it doesn't take forever for an order to arrive), and paid for it herself, she really complicated matters. Elizabeth would owe Ann $10.00 for her (Ann's) book, however since Ann paid for it herself, but owes Elizabeth money, then this will balance (?) out. Ann will owe Elizabeth $16.35 - just wait - it will work out, maybe.


> Elizabeth would normally (? ?) send Ann 10.00 for her book and pay $16.35 for Louise's and Judy's books, but since she already paid for the books, that is Louise's and Judy's books, Elizabeth won't send anything to Ann, which will, in turn pay for part of Ann's portion.


> Now, the question is, does this balance out?

> Judy will pay $26.35. (She owes Ann $10.00 and Elizabeth $16.35)

> Elizabeth will pay $26.35, which she has already paid (she owes Ann $10.00, Ann owes her $26.35, so subtracting the $10.00, Ann now owes Elizabeth $16.35)

> Ann will pay $26.35, however see note directly above. So Ann owes $16.35.


> So - the total ins and outs should/will come to $79.05.


> Now, if Judy sends Elizabeth $26.35, then Ann will need to send Elizabeth only 6.35, because instead of Judy sending money to me (Ann) that I would then send to Elizabeth, it would definitely simplify ??????? the situation.


> And that's whatcha do. Whew, I am going to play in the flowers.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Party

Yes, there really were 80 candles, but we were outside and there was a breeze so they didn't all get lit at once, even with the connecting trail. It did make quite a flare-up for a second.

There were some trick candles that wouldn't go out so I was getting some help.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Louise Blood Celebrates 80th Birthday

This beautiful formal portrait of our sister Louise, must be part of our blog record.  Her birthday party was held on Saturday, July 16 with her children honoring her in meaningful detail.  We hope to bribe those who had cameras to share their photos for all to see on the blog.....

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hotter than the shades of Haiti's so I helped Mary Lynn get her hammock up.  Lily recognized at once that this was the place to be.  (It's really to early to call them the "dog days of summer'" but it just made a good title.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Mark and Debbie's three

Ryan, Mike's oldest

Mike, (my oldest)


Shannon and her son Nathan

Mary Lynn and Mark's wife Debby
(word has it that Mary Lynn shaved strokes off the girls team)

Cindy, Mike's wife

Erika,  Mike's youngest

Lane, Mark's oldest
This is a very quick add, It was a marvelous 4th, one we will never forget.

Friday, July 8, 2011


If you could just get Ann to have a serious conversation.....

Thursday, July 7, 2011





Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Would Mother Think This Job Was Good Enough?

One time while I was assigned to mop the kitchen floor on my hands and knees I thought I was finished after working on it.  Big mistake.  Mother, the eagle-eyed inspector, thought I had done an awful job and told me to do it over again.  Ever since then, I have had a subliminal prompting when doing similar jobs that asks me to ponder: "Would Mother think this job is good enough?" 

Mother always expected no less than our best.  When I was in the fifth grade, I missed school from December 1 until late March with mysterious after effects of chicken pox and mumps.  Louise brought my assignments, lessons, and materials home for classes.  Mother, who had taught elementary school before her marriage, was my teacher.  I can guarantee that I got straight A's (we were graded 1's, 2, 3, 4, 5) in every subject.  I wonder what I might have learned if Mom had home schooled me all the way through school, much of which was a waste of time.  I could have learned more in two hours a day than I did all day in school.  The main thing I learned in sixth grade, for example, was to draw and color a map of France.  I have disliked France ever since and, especially, when I had to pass a reading knowledge of French for my Ph.D. at the University of Michigan.  I thought then of that map of France I spent so much time on in the sixth grade in between pestering the girl who sat in front of me.  We learned to color inside the lines in the first grade and, besides, Louise taught me to read before I went to school so there wasn't much to do but piddle around.  I got expelled (promoted?) out of the second grade.  By Junior High, I discovered I had a "bad attitude" which kept me out of the National Junior Honor Society even though I had one of the highest grade averages in the class.  Problem was, I had no idea I had a bad attitude until I got my report card.

I still wonder as I mop the tile on the kitchen floor if Mother would think I had done a good enough job, or if she would tell me to do it over.  "Any job worth doing, etc., etc., etc., is worth doing well."  It wasn't worth trying to put anything over on her again.  Another teaching ingrained for life.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Views of Heart Mountain

These grain storage elevators were built a few years ago just a short distance from where the Blood family lived just west of Ralston about a mile during the years 1941-1944.  Heart mountain was the ever-present icon of the landscape.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mystery Picture: Who Can Identify this Little Log Building?

Who can identify this building?  (Hint:  Only the older, more mature siblings will stand a chance of remembering what this is).  You must write a 100 word essay on a new post rather than a comment on this one if you know what it is.  First prize:  50 cents.

Visitors from the East

The discussion began.
Everything resolved! (Perhaps?) After a riotous afternoon at Louise's house, with Ann, Paul, Cheryl and Lynn, Steve and Mary Lynn came our way to stay the night. Steve and Mary Lynn are great examples of sense (Remember Sense and Sensibility?) There doesn't seem to be any room for hurt feelings in their relationship - just an airing of both sides that takes care of differences. (Do any of us have those?). It was wonderful to see these two after a 4-year gaposis. Thank goodness for the phone and this blog that keeps us in touch over the many miles that separate us. Sorry that the six of us can't manage to be together all at once. Now, that would be an occasion.