Thursday, December 26, 2013

More Santa Letter Collection

Notice this was to "Judy and Ann and Stephen" yet Dwight is mentioned.  Believers vs. non-believers? 
I have loved these letters.  We carried on the tradition with our kids, and now they are doing the same with theirs.  May there always be a letter from Santa.

Monday, December 23, 2013

More Letters From Santa

 This is the last of the Christmas letters I have - I think!

There is no year on this letter, however I suppose we could have the brown paper sack carbon dated.
The creases are permanently embedded, so just in case you can't read the letter, this is what is says: 
Dere Childrun,
It isnt that there aint no Santy Claus, Its just that some times people think there aint - maybe becoz of what seems to be afare reason - I thot thats what u thot.  Then you hang up your stockings.!  That restores my faith in people but leaves me slightly unprepared this year.  Pleze try again next year.  But if that long legged grasshopper thinks I goofed last year, what has he to sa for himself!
Lots of love to everybody.  Be good for another year one day at a time -
Santy Claus

Another letter - again no date.  This one is written on a wide brown paper sack and so it doesn't fit on my scanner.
"Help!  Help!  I'm snowed under - all this mail!  I'll just have to write one the bunch of you.  Dang it, when you wrote me as you did I just had to kick thru with a little - nothing you want, of course, but a token.  Liz, I hear you had your chance.  That relieves me.  I'd like to add some more p.s.'s but I gotta go.  And when yu gotta -
Santy Claus

This must have been a year for personal replies to our letters.  The responsibility of who wrote to whom must have been shared this year. 

Among Mother's treasures I found the letter below tucked away in her handkerchief box when it came my way.  Amazing how Santa shared our letters.  Where was our "right to privacy"?    I have no idea how old I was - again no date.

The following letter was written when it was just Judy, Steve and me at home.

And the following letter was written probably my last year at home before I graduated from high school. That was the year Dad and Mother gave me my jewelry box.  Steve and I decided to forgo the annual Christmas stocking routine and were gently chastised for our decision.
Fun memories from a long ago time.  Can you smell the peanut brittle?  Or the carrot pudding?  Or remember how it always seemed so magical to go on the last outdoor trek before climbing into bed?  Remember how the clear late night sky would be full of twinkling stars and how we would try to guess which one was the brightest.  And then, in the house there was the newly decorated Christmas tree with twinkling lights and several homemade ornaments, along with the tinsel that had been rescued from the year before - and that felt a little like magic, all by itself.  However, none of this would have meant anything without the little white house that was full of love and family. Christmas memories are a great source of warmth, even on very cold and snowy days.  I love you all.  Merry Christmas!

Christmas 1955

Elizabeth captured this story-telling  picture of Mother on a cold Christmas Morning in 1955.  Details reveal that she had on her milking jeans so barn chores had been part of her day.  However, she put on one of her dressiest shirts in honor of the day.

Mother had babied a geranium through the fall and into the cold of December.  It sat proudly on the desk with light from that east window to keep it green.  I was careless and knocked it off the desk, breaking the pot and smashing the plant/ She didn't get mad at me, but I could tell it was a big loss to her. 

I was determined to find a way to replace it and eventually found this one at McGlathery's Florist in Powell.  It was one of the most expensive gifts I ever bought. I got it home somehow and hid it in the bottom of our tiny closet till Christmas morning.  The recorded smile was worth every effort and it is one of the most remembered gifts that I gave.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

University of Wyoming 1926

Since winter weather in Laramie has been so cold this season, it is a good time to look back to "other winters" and the university campus.  When Mother was there in 1926, winter attire did not include pants for women.  Brrrr.  So glad that I was able to scan this page from her original album. 

Anybody else want to finish the story?

Monday, December 2, 2013

We Turn the Calendar to December and There She Is!

Happy Birthday to Ann



Funny     Grit   Wise   Loving

Caring   peacemaker

with much love from your brothers and sisters.......

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Conversation Between Dwight and Russell M. Blood August 1992 (Continued)

I got my Social Security number on 12/12/36, so it must have been the winter of 1936-37 when I stayed at Brasher's wash house.  Drove into Cody. (Not sure what this comment means).  The mice and bedbugs were bad, I set 12 traps and listened to them snap.

Fall 1937: Louise started school.  I made cutouts (western silhouette scenes cut on scroll saw from walnut or other plywood), and made small inlays.  The year Louise was born (1931) I worked at the ranch (Dewey Riddle Ranch in Sunlight above Cody).

After I worked at the ranch, Dewey gave me an old team of horses and a light rig to go back to Penrose.  I stopped at John Nielson's (don't know who or where) and stayed overnight, cut across Sand Coulee, stayed at Oscar's (Uncle Oscar House) in Ralston, then to Penrose.  Took the horses to Grandpa's (Grandpa Wasden who lived nearby in Penrose).  The horses had sore shoulders.  In the spring, I traded the roadster (Mom's prize Model A roadster she had bought with her teaching money before marriage), team, light rig for a payment on the Penrose place (bought from Maude Moody).

We got married on December 24 1930 and went to Denver; we came back to Penrose and Louise was born in Billings.  Mother (Minnie) stayed at the folks (her parents, the Wasdens); went to Billings when Louise was born.  I went back to the ranch (Sunlight) for the summer); I was just doing chores.  I remodeled an old school house at Mary Riddle's; I took the roof off, raised it two logs high, put in new windows and a new roof, chinked the cracks with plaster.  Mother came and stayed with Mary Riddle until I was through. (To be continued).  (Someone: figure out how far it was to drive a team of old horses from Sunlight to Penrose and sketch out a rough map, showing Sand Coulee).

Monday, November 18, 2013

Visiting the Exclusive Orem Back-yard Chicken Farm

 If only someone would tell me how to get these pictures in the proper order for my story, I would appreciate it.  Anyway, this is one of the more exotic chickens in Ann's flock - does she lay eggs?speckled eggs?
 The problem with chickens is that they have to be fed and water supplied.  We know about milkmaids - is there such a thing as chicken maids?  If so, see below.  Chicken-keeper with a smile!  That's Ann!
 And, here is the famous chicken coop that Paul built - complete with canvas wrap so that the snow will stay away from the chickens.  This repaves the infamous blue tarp that was Ann's nemeses last winter.
Note at the back of the coop on for far right side, the laying boxes that jut out from the coop - Gathering eggs is simple - lift the lid and there are the eggs.  What cooperative hens!  
It was fun to see how well this whole system works, but it has taken quite a bit of effort for those fabulous eggs.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Notes From Conversation Between Dwight Blood and Russell M. Blood, August 1992 Part 1

First, as to new blog decorations.  Here is Liz's famous map of the country where we grew up.  Second, I know that some of my redecorating makes the blog look too busy.  But here are the changes anyway.  The picture of the five (excluding Dwight) Blood children was taken when Mom started off for church on a Sunday morning driving Grandpa's truck, with us in the back of the truck.  When we got home, I lined everyone up along the iris on the path to the barn and, hence, the famous pictures were born.  Too bad I never thought of having someone else take another picture with me in it.

Second, in August of 1992 I went to Cody to see Dad and Elna.  I think I drove up there by myself.  I had this long conversation with Dad about the ins and outs and whereabouts of our early life and took these notes. I was always grateful that I had this conversation and took these notes. Dad died the following March so the August visit was the last time I saw him.  I just unearthed the notes today while doing the first resorting and housecleaning I have done in a hundred years and wanted to share them with the rest of you.  Feel free to provide comments and clarifications, preferably in separate blog posts where we will all be sure to see them.

Here is the beginning of Dad's comments, pretty much as I recorded them at the time.

1932--the Penrose house.

In 1933-34 (I think) I spent the summer in Sunlight (see above map), back to Penrose in March.  Looked after the ranch (the ranch of Dad's uncle and aunt, Dewey and Elsie Riddle, where he had gone after leaving Denver) while Dewey and Elsie went to New York.  Dwight wanted to stay up all night.  Made chairs, chest, that winter.

The year when we went to Lanchburys  (Lanchburys was a rather primitive log original stage station--wasn't it?--where we stayed for a few months.  I remember coming  home one day when the Park County Sheriff was there shooting dogs who had destroyed a bunch of sheep).  I remember looking out the window at the darkness outside when, I think, Mom and Dad had gone somewhere for the evening, maybe a dance?). (Further note:  the Lanchburys were good friends of my aunt and uncle, Elna and Oscar House).  So: The year that we went to Lanchburys I worked for Molesworth (Molesworth was a maker of classic Western furniture).  We stayed in Cody the summer before, then that fall stayed at Lanchburys until late October or November.  Then we moved to the little house in Cody on the Powell highway. (I remember being fascinated by the car lights flashing on the bedroom walls at night since we were always so isolated in Penrose).  Come spring, we moved to Old Man Knott's, then moved back to Penrose in the fall. (Was Old Man Knott's a yellow house?)  I remember playing in the ditch in the front yard there). Then I (Dad) stayed at Brashers.  I got the scroll saw, stayed in their wash house.  (I remember that one time Mom drove us kids up to Cody to see Dad when he stayed in the wash house.  I remember seeing the scroll saw.  We stopped, I think, at the Golden Rule Store in Powell on the way to Cody).  Work slowed down (for Molesworth, I presume), so I quit.  (to be continued)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sometime in the Sixties

Facebookees have started a "throwback Thursday" tradition.  That tradition might be fun for us to do, either to rerun photos or even find some we have not yet used on the blog.  While I cannot claim to be the original owner of this picture, Dwight has shared and so I hope I am at liberty to use.
Year?  I'm not sure, but I believe Mother is wearing the beautiful dress that she bought for Ann's wedding.  Her hair is still long and after being "waved" it is pulled back into a bun. 
Is Dwight really taller than Daddy or is he just standing on higher ground?  Wonderful and rare photo.
Left to right:  Elizabeth, Dwight, Russell and Minnie Blood

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Louise's Washington Visit

 So happy to see Louise that I couldn't quit talking long enough for a picture.  Diana, her husband Larry, and Cheryl completed the company. 
The day flew fast.  We talked.  We laughed.  We explored "Jane Eyre".  There were quilts to share.  Family photos to copy. A trip to town for plumbing parts for the men folk.  Lunch was Butternut Squash Soup and Rosemary Bread (w/o the rosemary) and some pasta/chicken salad.

Here are the promised recipes to Cheryl (Louise, please tell her they are here.) for the bread and soup:
                               Rosemary Bread
1 packet dry yeast (or 2 1/2 tsp)
2 Cup warm water
1 T sugar
2 tsp salt
4 Cups flour
1-2 tsp fresh Rosemary plus more for topping
Olive Oil, Corn meal, Melted butter and salt

Disolve yeast in warm water and sugar.  Add flour, salt, and 1-2 tsp rosemary and stir until blended, DO NOT KNEAD.  Cover and let rise until double. Remove dough.  It will be sticky.  I put oil on my hands for shaping.  Shape long loaf on a cookie sheet coated in oil and sprinkled with corn meal.  Let rise another hour.  Brush top with melted butter and lightly sprinkle with more rosemary and sat.  Bake @425 for 10 min. Reduce heat to 375 and bake until done.  (5-8 minutes)

The Squash Soup is an adaptation of  a Williams-Sonoma recipe

3 Tbs. unsalted butter
1 Sweet onion chopped
In large soup pot, melt butter. When foamy add onions and cook till tender, about 5 minutes.

3 lbs of butternut squash, peeled and cut into 1 inch cubes.
6 cups chicken broth
Add broth, squash and cook until tender, about 20 minutes

4 apples peeled and chopped (Fuji or Granny Smith work equally well)
Pinch of nutmeg
Add apples and nutmeg, simmer till apples are tender about 15 minutes.

Cool soup and puree in a blender.  Reheat gently and then add
2 cups of half and half.  Serves 12

Louise, Bob, Cheryl, Larry and Diana

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The End

I did continue to learn things last week.  One day I was asking Eli if he really liked first grade.  He gave me this incredulous look and with a little "Duh" informed me he is in second grade. Ok, so I blew that one. I also learned that even in today's world there is nothing that tastes as good to a sick child as homemade chicken noodle soup and tapioca pudding.  Whew, it was nice to know that old fashioned cures are still appreciated.
I also learned it takes exactly 65 minutes to get from Brigham City to Preston and that is with driving through Logan with all the stoplights. And I can find the DI in Logan without any problem, but there was no sign of lace in any form. It was neat to spend a little time with Elizabeth and Ron before the snow flies. The drive to Preston is wonderful therapy.  The farmers were finishing cleaning out their fields and I felt just a little nostalgic for a long ago life.  We didn't have much time to talk about anyone, but we did talk about making little gray stuffed mice to sit on a bigger stuffed pumpkin, which was very important.

There were still piano lessons, football checkout, birthday party, choir concert (which, sad to say I didn't attend), basketball practice and a game, pajama day (when the second grader got to wear his pj's to school all day), and then we got to Wednesday with no school.  There was mutual and other goings on that kept life busy and kids happy.  However, I did get to do one really great thing.  I took Savannah to a wonderful little quilt and fabric store in Brigham City.  I think she has the quilt bug, which is such an exciting thing to see.
I was really concerned about what I was going to do with school out, but we cleaned a little, the kids played a lot, and the anticipation of their parents coming home created an excitement that was fun to watch.  I did bring the children to Orem on Thursday for a change of scenery and then met Kristen and Matt at the Maverick Center in SLC, which has become a meeting place when we need to send kids back and forth.  In the end, even though I am quite exhausted, I am thankful for the time I got to spend with some really neat grandchildren. Savannah asked Kristen if Grandma had ever told her to "stuff it" when she was a little girl.  Guess I must have said "stuff it" at some point in the week.  Hmmm, I wonder if it worked!

One of the very most important things I was reminded of is that as hard as it is, the little moments we get to spend with grown children and grandchildren are such a treat.  Difficult, yes, but ever so worth it. I am thankful for the time, thankful I survived, and thankful Kristen and Matt didn't decide to stay in Paris. Life is good.

In the Meantime, While Dwight is Cogitating .....

Ann did come to see me last Tuesday, and I took several pictures of her just to prove that she was here, BUT, my photographic skills let me down, because, as you can see if you enlarge this picture, it is blurry beyond repair.  Drat it.  Now, she has to come back.  Anyway, we spent a very busy few hours, solving sewing problems, going through stuff, including sorting seashells, etc., and talking a great deal with a little lunch in between.  I think she made it - and life may be a little bit back to normal by now.  And just to alert Judy, who goes to Value Village daily, Ann is on the hunt for lace in any form, even perhaps curtains?  Or, maybe someone else has some?????
Now, Dwight has had a lot of time to think about things, so he can give us his weekly update, right?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Deep Thoughts and Errant Philosophies for October 15 2013

Most of my thoughts could hardly be classified as deep, and everyone already knows all of my philosophies are errant.  Nonetheless, here is the rundown:

  • Ann brought me a box of Honeycrisp seconds for 7 bucks, as in 26 bucks if they had all been beautiful, unblemished, and of comparable size.  From this box, I made 2 batches of applesauce and one big batch of Mother's relish.  I have 7 apples left over.  I was reminded of how Mother would wait for the windfalls in Hart's orchard on the way to Garland where we would pick them up for something like 50 cents a bushel.  Now, sadly, the beautiful apple orchard has long gone to pot and no one has tended it for decades
  • We have been to opthalmologists, cardiologists, oncologists, neurologists, ENTs, dentists, oral surgeons, psychologists, nephrologists, and zodiacologists.  Despite having thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tests and torture administered to me, no one could find anything seriously wrong.  Echo and EKG, normal.  MRI torture machine, stable.  Blood tests, normal.  Attitude, outstanding. Faults, too numerous to mention (Velna says she doesn't have time to list them.)
  • Judy has a new camera but she hardly uses it.
  • Liz is becoming a professional photographer.
  • Steve is now looking at Muddy Gap Wyo for a place to relocate.
  • Louise is living it up in Washington.
  • Ann is having the time of her life.
  • Dwight is taking pictures of The Mountain each and every minute.
  • I love my new immersion blender.  Ten bucks at ShopKo.  Seventy bucks (half price) for new Food Saver so now I won't get discriminated for buying single pounds of hamburger for $3.95 when you can get a big batch for $2.69.  Old one died two or three years ago.  Been buying expensive hb ever since.
  • We are going to try and cook up (so to speak) a food and recipe blog so those of us who know nothing can learn from those who know all.  Reviewing legal requirements and such for recipe reproduction, of which there are many (legal limitations, not recipes).
  • Something was floating around a week or two ago about a resort in Ralston.
  • Connie Sutton wants to know where Steve is.  Steve, get in touch with him.  He'd like that. (Powell).  Velna heard from his wife, who was Laramie High classmate. 
  • There are 2 gazillion labels for this blog and I know not where to plug this in.
Until I have more deep thoughts, which may take awhile to clear out the old ones.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day Three or Am I Still Alive

Friday was  - let's just say we all survived.  It started with me being awakened at 6:00.  Can you believe an 8th grader gets up at 5:30 and that isn't even for early morning seminary?  I woke Lucas up at 6:15, took Savannah to her piano lesson at 6:30, back home to make sure breakfast was getting eaten, lunches were made, shoes were on the right feet, and then back to pick up Savannah at 7:00.  Older kids out the door at 7:10 to catch the bus, high schooler out the door by 7:25 (whatever did he eat for breakfast?).  I do know the leftover TacoTime did serve a great purpose for lunch.  Then it was time to wake up the little first grader, make sure he had on matching shoes, fed him yummy oatmeal, made an extremely healthy lunch sandwich out of peanut butter and marshmallow cream (called a fluffernutter- who would have guessed that one), reminded him he HAD to brush his teeth before he went out the door, and then there was time to catch my breath.  I must admit that as I watched him cross the street (in the crosswalk) I wondered if I should cheer or go put my feet up.

But, there was not time for that. I had things to do.  First there was a hunt to go on to locate a missing roller for the stove drawer.  I remember those days when there just weren't enough hours in the day to do everything I wanted to do, so it was only the really important things, like eating and clean socks that got done until life settled down.  I ran into a really neat little store in Brigham City where they could order the parts and that was done.  Next it was dishes, brush my teeth and comb my hair and head out to pay the nice people in the nice little store. You will never guess what was on the same block - a wonderful little quilt/fabric store that was begging to be checked out.  What a great place to get rejuvenated. I bought a pattern, enjoyed adult conversation with the pleasant women who were working in the store and came home ready to tackle the remainder of the day.

Kids home from school, guinea pigs fed (gross and stinky), pizza ordered (yes, that was on the list of instructions), date night for the high schooler, movie night at home for the youngest, birthday party at a friends house, dishes done, homework done, cats fed, and that was all before 7:00.  TV is tricky to watch - I can't figure out their ROKU system so am going cold turkey on that one.  Now I know why our kids, when they were little, went to bed by 7:30-8:00.

Now came the bigger challenge - waiting up for the birthday party boy to get home and the date young man to check in. I did get some fabric cut out, patterns traced for a wedding dress, and a few games of solitaire played while waiting.   Just as I am about to crash, the door opens and the reports of how their night went are given.  Sleep was such a relief. I am gaining an incredible respect for grandparents who find themselves raising grandchildren.

At least on Saturday there was no school, so we could just get up at our leisure. Time for some shopping, running to a birthday breakfast and then to football check out, some house cleaning - seriously is that even necessary?  Who is going to notice?

Can't wait for the Sabbath.  A day of rest sounds ever so good.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Day One

My Adventure began yesterday (Thursday) about 2:00 when Kristen and Matt left for the airport.  Their suitcases were stuffed to the brim and my first thought was something about just how long do they expect to be gone.  The excitement began about 2:52 when Eli, the first grader came bouncing in the front door.  With a grin from ear to ear, he plunked his backpack on the table and said something about how glad he was that school was done for the day.  When I asked him if it was a fun day at school, he gave me a look of "are you kidding." The look on his face when I asked him about homework suggested it would be wise to give him a little breathing room.  A snack and a little game on the iPad and he was back to good humor and homework did get done, which just consisted of a little reading.  I had to write a note to his teacher about something that was supposed to get done and since I didn't have a clue, please give him a little time for his mom to get home.

Before long the almost 12 year old came home and there was a major sigh of relief to be some place where they felt very safe.  Shoes came off, backpacks were stashed, except he did dig out his homework and did get it done very quickly.  I suspected it was to hurry and get school done so he could have a break. I must admit I didn't have to nag or bribe or anything.  I was impressed.

Then about 5:00 I got a call from Savannah, who walks to the Brigham City Temple every Thursday with a group of her friends where they do baptisms.  How do I complain about having to go pick her up.  What a good girl.

Dinner was supposed to be leftovers, but Kristen had warned me that there weren't many leftovers.  We took a vote and TacoTime won.  Now, that was an adventure.  The drive through was so slow it was crazy, and then when we got up to the window one of the kids remembered I had forgotten something for Brooks.  What do you do?  I drove around the block, but decided not to go through the drive through.  Surely going inside would be much quicker.  Not!  We finally made it home, Brooks got home and we proudly said we had gotten him something from TacoTime.  He had eaten at his friend's.  Cold TacoTime for lunch today seemed to be appealing.  Seriously???

Then as things were starting to settle down, Lucas comes to me and with his big brown eyes said something about how his class had won some kind of a competition and as a reward they could bring treats today.  Tell me how to turn down someone who says something about how it would be alright if he really didn't have a treat, but it would be really neat if he could take something.  So, off we went to the local market to buy some candy (I wonder if that is on the approved list) and I also bought some BarKeepers Friend to help scrub a couple of places.

It was finally bedtime, which included scriptures and prayer.  The discussion about who's turn it was to pray hasn't changed since Paul and I had a house full of little people.  Sleep was such a blessing.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Light Fixture

I meant to include this picture yesterday - These are the light fixtures from the old hotel - thought Steve might be interested in them.  On another note, I see that the good people of Powell are planning a protest at Yellowstone Park entrance.  They are stirred up.  That is, all but the poor farmers who are struggling with snow and mud trying to harvest the sugar beets and such.  The life of a farmer is a very hard one, as we all know. Onward and upward for the day.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Continuing the blog posting below - What I Learned on Wednesday

 This geyser in Soda Springs is man made.  It erupts every hour on the hour.
 A "stuffed" badger in the lobby of the Geyser Hotel in Soda Springs
 The check-in desk in the hotel.  I thought that Steve would like the lights.  More below.
 This bear is the window decoration
 This white buffalo (bison?) head is above the bear.
And, this is not the only moose in the hotel lobby - I was just being selective.  As you can see, we had a more interesting than usual day.  I ended up with lots of beautiful scenes for future use. and enjoyment. Hope your Wednesday was a good one.  Now, I'll go back to the everyday stuff.  Actually, this trip was a reward for finishing the garden-flower beds cleanup yesterday.  Hooray!

Things I Learned (and did) on Wednesday

1.  I learned that if you get up early (6:15 a.m.) and work hard for a couple of hours in the sewing room, you can accomplish something.  However, Judy and Ann, the jacket doesn't fit - too big!
2.  I learned that the world is a very beautiful place this fall, and that we live in a beautiful place. We took a trip to a ranch about 8 miles southeast of Soda Springs to take an old rocking chair back to Ron's former sister-in-law.  The trip was well worth it, because fall is in all of its glory.

Next, we stopped in Soda Springs at the Geyser Hotel to have some lunch.  There, we saw the geyser (man made), as well as some of the sights in the hotel.  This hotel has been reclaimed, and is very beautifully done.  The rooms upstairs are furnished in old-fashioned ways.  However, I also took some pictures of some of the stuffed animals that are in the lobby of the hotel.  Here are a few of them.
Oho, now I've learned something new.  There is no way to add these pictures without replicating the above pictures.  If you know how to do this, please tell me.
Next thing I learned today is that coming home after a round trip of about 100 miles is very nice.  
More to add to this later.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Things I learned on Monday

At the risk of exposing how little I really learn along the way, and after being chided by Dwight for not sharing my most exciting life, I thought I would attempt to catch up with my report.  This is much easier than trying to make up a story for Dwight.

So, here goes -
One of the best things I have learned was this morning when I saw Steve's comment on Dwight's last post.  It is delightful to know he still has his sense of humor, even though the photo he has on Facebook doesn't really show that.  I do miss his smile.

I spent time with Dwight and Velna and all we talked about was cooking ideas and what new gadgets they NEED in their kitchen to make the process easier.  Much to my delight they have gone to Shopko, bought some new gadgets and are off and running.  The only item missing is a food processor to help with the chopping, etc.  However, Dwight is somewhat perplexed because I haven't gone to Costco and bought the latest salt and pepper grinder and olive oil mister that he has.  I am holding out.

Judy called and she has been to the fabric store.  She saved me time hunting through the pattern books with an excellent recommendation for a pattern that I REALLY needed.  See what networking does.

I did talk with Elizabeth on Friday, we covered a lot of important stuff, but I can't remember what it was.

Still no Louise, but I hope she is having fun at Diana's.

Oh, and by the way, if you call Dwight's home and get someone who says something about it being the Utah Democratic Party headquarters, do hang up.  If it continues we may need to report the problem to the phone company.

On a more serious note, after listening to conference, I do want to be a better person.  What a delightful feast that was.  It gave me hope, if I can just remember to be good.

I hope you all make this a wonderful Tuesday.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Story Telling Week

OK we have waited and waited and waited to see if Ann has ever learned anything since Wednesday (a month ago?).  I check five or six times a day to no avail.  So now it is time to get things moving again on this here blog.  What we are going to do this week is everyone is going to tell a short story or anecdote, 1-3 paragraphs long, about some event in our childhood.  If you don't have a story, make one up.  We have too much lore in our family history to let it all slumber, so let's get to writing a few bits an pieces.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What I learned on Wednesday

Wednesday was a busy day and my mind is boggled with all of the news I garnered from each sibling.  Is there a better place to share than on our blog?  So, here is the story.

Yesterday, Elizabeth bought a new computer so she and Ron can have "dueling" computers, even though she has to wait for it to come.  The missing tidbit here, is how will it arrive?  When will it arrive?  Who will set it up?  Will it still play special games or just be limited to Pinterest?

Judy - well, she was going through her fabric and indicated she was amazed at what she was finding.  She mentioned that she was pretty sure the fabric fairy was gifting her with various pieces of fabric because she couldn't remember buying some of it.

Steve - I didn't talk with him but have heard by the grapevine that he needs to see a chiropractor.  Does he need to sleep on the floor?  Or should he take a nice long vacation and come west?  I propose that heading to Florida should be out of the question - they do have sink holes, you know.

Louise - she is in Oregon so I can't report on her.  Hopefully she is enjoying her stay with Diana, but I have this vision of her dragging her quilting frame along.

And then there is Dwight.  He now has a "thingy" that Velna's sisters gave him for his birthday that is an olive oil spritzer, and a salt and pepper shaker all in one.  He was feeling quite smug because he was sure he is the first one to have it, and was very encouraged when I told him I had never seen such a thingy.  However, the Costco non-coupon booklet for October came yesterday and low and behold there was his "thingy" at a reduced price.  Am I tempted?  I just want to know if it takes batteries.

As you can see, in between harvesting stuff from the garden, checking in on the chickens who are in a slow production mode because they are becoming featherless (I think the chicken gurus call it molting), ironing a couple of shirts so it looks as though I did something (I leave them hanging in the doorway just in case evidence is needed), I had a very productive day.  After reading this do you wonder whether there is still a need for the PT?

Happy Thursday - I've gone to DI.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Teacher, Coach and Friend Remembered

For those of you who attended Powell High School, please take a few minutes and read the article and obituary of Keith Bloom, who was outstanding in all ways.

Harvest Time

With threat of frost in spots tonight, I started digging in the garden.  When I came to this monster, I was impressed with what can grow from a tiny seed.  Do you suppose there is a lesson in there somewhere?

Blog Design

Don't know where else to say it, except here.  This is one of the most outstanding post designs that Dwight has ever done.  It is a lovely dedication to a lovely lady. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday To Dwight!

   Devoted            Delightful

     Dashing                           Dedicated

   Determined               Decent

 Decisive                  Dear

    Dependable        Diplomat

    Disarming                     Direct
With love and best wishes from your brother and 4 sisters!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Bag Is DONE!

Elizabeth finished her lovely bag first.  Not only did I see it on the blog, but I saw it with my own eyes.  She had lots of detail and she followed difficult construction instructions with a perfect conclusion.  Then Ann finished her bag with wonderful variations that caught my attention and convinced me that maybe, just maybe I had a fighting chance.
So after Elizabeth left here yesterday....  (Yes, we had a good time together.  No, I did not take one picture).....I got to work and finished my bag.  It is the "other" design and big enough to hold my bold print scriptures for Sunday.  No electronic scriptures for this girl....yet. 
The significant information here is that all three of us chose to do this project and all three of us finished it.  A rarity indeed.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quilt Time in Preston

Louise and Cheryl came to visit yesterday - This quilt of Cheryl's was the most exciting quilt we shared.  Family visits occur less often as the years go by, but we appreciate all of the family get-togethers that we can manage.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh, What Do You Do In The Summertime

It was fun to see Elizabeth's post of the photos from what seems like forever ago.
I thought I would share just a little bit of how our summer has gone.  I think I need to revamp my little family blog so more people have access to it, but for today I will share here.

One of Paul's top priority projects was to solve the water dripping off the roof of the chicken coop so there would not be any ice in front of the door to the coop (do you wonder why??  Not!).  So, note the gutter and the down spout on the coop.  Happy Day!

 I read a book and found the suggestion about building a trellis for the cucumbers.  If fall doesn't come soon, this will climb over the fence and head into the neighbor's yard.  I would say that has been very successful. And the cucumbers hang through the trellis so picking them is much easier than fighting the prickly plant.

 And then there was the door to nowhere.  When Paul leveled the floor in my sewing room that at one time had a major slant to it because that room  was originally an outside porch (long before we bought the house), the north door was about 8 - 10 inches above the original cement steps (as was the south door, but we had already solved that problem long ago).  For the past several years we have talked about one solution after another, and this year was the time to put something into action.  Although this door is never used because I have shelves in the sewing room blocking access, at least now it could be used.  I love the end result.

The garden looking east.

This is how the garden looks, looking west through the grape arbor that I am sure won't work, and Paul is determined to make work.  The flowers in the garden are a Penrose tradition.  Everything has really taken off.  What a fun year it has been, in spite of the intense heat.  If you wonder where the rows are, just know it has become a losing battle.

This photo is just a little blurry, but has to be shared.  The egg on the left is a "normal" egg, the egg on the far right is the size the little red hens normally lay, and the rather large egg next to the ruler from the little desk drawer is a double yolk egg.  What a good day!  May your Saturday find things going well at your house.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Four of Six Siblings

Pictures are still waiting to be sorted into their proper places, but that job has been put on the back burner while I do other things, like harvest zucchini logs.  These pictures represent a time in the fall of 2000 when Dwight, Velna, Ann, and Louise all came to Preston together.  One of the things that we did was to get out Mother's old photograph album and Dwight scanned those pictures and others as fast as he could make his scanner go.  We did take time to pose on the front porch.  The top picture is a winner, but Ann has the most winning smile in the bottom picture - Louise was looking at something else, and I was dreaming or something.  Anyway, I remember this as a very nice time - just missing Judy and Steve.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ruminations, Advanced Philosophies, and Petrified Wisdom

Here is what I know today:

  • I have spent considerable time trying to shrink the size of the heading photo for this blog.  Blogspot, being antiquated, requires that you go in and edit HTML language.  Have you looked at HTML for a Blogger post?  Try as I may, I cannot locate the dimensions of the header so that I can shrink them to less than half a page.  I did try re-sizing the photo, which you see above.  The shrunken Penrose river bridge seems sacrilegious to me, like it is unworthy of even crossing to get to the other side.  So if some genius wants to learn HTML, we can shrink the size of the header.  One would think wouldn't one that Blogger at this stage of their existence would have a few options besides humongous for their header.
  • Ann and I discussed the stuff that needs to be done to archive Dad's inlay work.  (I realize that in the latter days his work became more sophisticated and was referred to as marquetry.  I never heard the word marquetry until I was very old).  I was a bit disappointed that hardly anyone wanted the photo book of Dad's pictures that I had printed.  Steve, according to Ann, is investigating possibilities here. It would be nice if we could finish this project before the six of us start going to a better place (as they euphemistically say at one's demise).  Actually, I like the place I am in right now.  
  • Roosters are against the law in Orem, although the Anderson family, who lived across the block from us in Orem, surely had a rooster a few years ago because hens definitely do not crow like roosters.
  • Somehow I keep getting duplicate references when I post to FaceBook which I do not like except for kid's pictures and the You Know You're From Laramie stuff.  How do I get this extra stuff off of there? (There being an indefinite antecedent but irregardless I am certain you all can tell to what I am referring to)
  • Various ones are doing a good job of resurrecting hidden treasures of photos that were squirreled away and are just now coming to light.  I've seen most of these, but have no idea where or when, and I'm really glad to see them again.  Keep them coming.  Keep digging amongst your hidden treasures.
  • I must now gird up and hie to WalMart, much as I hate to go.  Have a nice day.

Monday, August 12, 2013


As I have been writing on "my story", there have been many obstacles to overcome.  At least The Cat has decided to stretch out between the keyboard and monitor and no longer on the keyboard.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Watching the Sugar Beets Grow

We would know that hat anywhere!  Farmer Wasden standing in the beet field.  His legs weren't long so that make the beet leaves look even taller.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sofe Wasden Johnson

Aunt Sofe with baby. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Elna, Cindy, and David

Another Wasden photo that I don't think has been previously posted on the blog???
I do love David's hat and Cindy's pigtails.

Lucinda Wasden Sorenson

How stylish!  Our Aunt Cindy.......

Another Penrose Relief Society Picture?

I would have thought this was a family picture, with Grandma Tilda C. Wasden, Great-aunt Minnie Taylor from Gunnison, UT, and Bothilda McBlaine, with Mother (Minnie W. Blood) on the far right.  Okay, historians, tell us about this one.  Certainly the background looks like it might be at the Tvedtness home?  Or?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Deep Thoughts and Philosophies

  1. I spent an hour trying to reduce the size of the blog heading and so far have not been successful.  Apparently you have to go into HTML editing and find the dimensions which, so help me, I have not been able to find.  Meanwhile, either gaze at the yellow sunflower or figure it out and put something else in.
  2. My eggs were not numbered.  For all I knew, I used the newest eggs first, saving the oldest until they were older yet.
  3. If Liz had been smart enough to understand "ditto", she could have learned how to read sooner and could have finished all the books in the Powell library two years sooner.  As it is, my conclusion that Liz was too dumb to learn how to read because she could not master the term "ditto" was one of the more egregious mistakes of my life.
  4. Judy thinks she has a system in which she will not have to write a word about her life story.
  5. She learned it from Ann.
  6. I am thinking about extending my life story.  If I write one page a day for 365 days, I will have 365 pages and will then have reached age 21.
  7. Louise left out one monumental tidbit from her story which I am too kind to remind her of.  Or about.
  8. I am on my way to Costco.  I have to spend a fortune on a new version of Windows 7 since I cannot reload the version I have and a new external hard drive since Seagate didn't take into account the fact that Microsoft would release the egregious Windows 8 and that the Seagate drive I have would not be compatible with Windows 8.  It's all still cheaper than the $3000 a new tooth implant costs.
  9. If you haven't watched Longmire on A & E Monday nights, you might want to try it for the yuks.  Father So-and-So from Ballykissangel, maybe, or was it something else, on PBS, is now sheriff of Absoraka County Wyoming, which no one can pronounce, which is filmed in New Mexico, where they fly the Wyoming State Flag in front of the courthouse.

The Wasden Sisters

Can anyone date this picture, taken in Grandma and Grandpa Wasden's yard in Penrose.  This picture probably came from Aunt Cindy's (Lucinda's) photograph album that Uncle Norman gave to me.  Sofe was the oldest sister - looks like she is laughing at something, as are the others.  Our grandmother was just a little below 5' tall - Mother was only 5'3", so you can see the comparative heights.  Anyway, as in most families, these sisters were very diverse in their interests, families, etc.  Both Sofe and Elna married very young - their husbands had been previously married - Alvin's first wife died in the flue epidemic, and Elna's husband was divorced.  Mother married a cowboy, who had to figure out an occupation.  His employment ranged from selling vacuum cleaners in Denver to doing carpenter work on the ranch in Sunlight to cooking for a sheep crew to farming, which was his last occupation.  Aunt Cindy married a returned missionary, and they settled in Lovell, where he farmed and worked at the sugar beet factory.  Mother went to college, and finally graduated in 1959.  (Correct me, Ann and Judy, if that's not right.)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

May I Please?

At the cajoling and the encouraging comments from siblings, I have been working on my story.  However, I have come to the conclusion that certain parts of "my" story have already been masterfully written, because they are, after all, "our" story...  So - here is my proposal.  I would like to "borrow" such pieces of writing from Louise's, Dwight's and Elizabeth's stories, that include anything of historical value, such as Louise's writing that includes dates and places on grandparents, Dwight's writing about the early days in Penrose, as well as Elizabeth's accounts of various events. While I realize we all see things just a little differently, things like the genealogical history, when the move to Penrose was made and why, etc., are really only one story.  Besides if I copy from your stories, then we won't have conflicting information floating around.  Doesn't this sound logical?

Now, I realize this sounds as though I am being lazy, however, I think it is making good use of what has already been done.  What would Mother say?  Do we need to reinvent the wheel?  I will happily give credit repeatedly, when each of you are quoted, and will also, happily, embellish any credentials you would like to have applied.

Seriously, please let me know what you think. Hopefully, you will all say this is a WONDERFUL idea.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Listening to Past Good Times

Thank you, Ann.  When Ann sent us the CDs of so many family treasures, including recordings of past family get-togethers at Mother and Daddy's home on 93rd, I decided to put the recordings of family conversations on my ipod.  I had forgotten about them, but had the play-back on random this morning, and came across the riotous conversation that took place after we had our family pictures taken on August 1, 1980.  We were evidently doing dishes, because the constant clink of the tableware is in the background.  What a joy to listen to the banter and laughter that took place at such a serious time.  What a wonderful memory to re-live.  If you haven't listened to yours for a while, find it and enjoy!  Onward and upward.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A PS to Elizabeth's Post

There is one photo missing in Elizabeth's post about our visit to Preston, and here it is.  The Ott Light is still adding some dimension to the photo, but the smiles are indicative of a very good day.