Thursday, September 26, 2013

What I learned on Wednesday

Wednesday was a busy day and my mind is boggled with all of the news I garnered from each sibling.  Is there a better place to share than on our blog?  So, here is the story.

Yesterday, Elizabeth bought a new computer so she and Ron can have "dueling" computers, even though she has to wait for it to come.  The missing tidbit here, is how will it arrive?  When will it arrive?  Who will set it up?  Will it still play special games or just be limited to Pinterest?

Judy - well, she was going through her fabric and indicated she was amazed at what she was finding.  She mentioned that she was pretty sure the fabric fairy was gifting her with various pieces of fabric because she couldn't remember buying some of it.

Steve - I didn't talk with him but have heard by the grapevine that he needs to see a chiropractor.  Does he need to sleep on the floor?  Or should he take a nice long vacation and come west?  I propose that heading to Florida should be out of the question - they do have sink holes, you know.

Louise - she is in Oregon so I can't report on her.  Hopefully she is enjoying her stay with Diana, but I have this vision of her dragging her quilting frame along.

And then there is Dwight.  He now has a "thingy" that Velna's sisters gave him for his birthday that is an olive oil spritzer, and a salt and pepper shaker all in one.  He was feeling quite smug because he was sure he is the first one to have it, and was very encouraged when I told him I had never seen such a thingy.  However, the Costco non-coupon booklet for October came yesterday and low and behold there was his "thingy" at a reduced price.  Am I tempted?  I just want to know if it takes batteries.

As you can see, in between harvesting stuff from the garden, checking in on the chickens who are in a slow production mode because they are becoming featherless (I think the chicken gurus call it molting), ironing a couple of shirts so it looks as though I did something (I leave them hanging in the doorway just in case evidence is needed), I had a very productive day.  After reading this do you wonder whether there is still a need for the PT?

Happy Thursday - I've gone to DI.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Teacher, Coach and Friend Remembered

For those of you who attended Powell High School, please take a few minutes and read the article and obituary of Keith Bloom, who was outstanding in all ways.

Harvest Time

With threat of frost in spots tonight, I started digging in the garden.  When I came to this monster, I was impressed with what can grow from a tiny seed.  Do you suppose there is a lesson in there somewhere?

Blog Design

Don't know where else to say it, except here.  This is one of the most outstanding post designs that Dwight has ever done.  It is a lovely dedication to a lovely lady. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday To Dwight!

   Devoted            Delightful

     Dashing                           Dedicated

   Determined               Decent

 Decisive                  Dear

    Dependable        Diplomat

    Disarming                     Direct
With love and best wishes from your brother and 4 sisters!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Bag Is DONE!

Elizabeth finished her lovely bag first.  Not only did I see it on the blog, but I saw it with my own eyes.  She had lots of detail and she followed difficult construction instructions with a perfect conclusion.  Then Ann finished her bag with wonderful variations that caught my attention and convinced me that maybe, just maybe I had a fighting chance.
So after Elizabeth left here yesterday....  (Yes, we had a good time together.  No, I did not take one picture).....I got to work and finished my bag.  It is the "other" design and big enough to hold my bold print scriptures for Sunday.  No electronic scriptures for this girl....yet. 
The significant information here is that all three of us chose to do this project and all three of us finished it.  A rarity indeed.