Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Important Stuff

I have debated about putting this in an email or posting it on the blog, but since the blog seems to need an infusion of energy, I decided to embarrass us all by posting this here.  If we complain or put comments or lamentations about how we can't get this done, then it does become public knowledge.  And then again, if no one reads the blog there is always the excuse of "I didn't know".  

So, on to the subject of the day.  It is time to get back to important stuff, which includes gathering photos and then other information so I can put together something wonderful (potentially) for the posterity of  RMB and MAWB.  

Now, it is important to put this in context.  Dwight says this "ain't" going to work because no one is going to do it, but I told him he was wrong,  Please let me be right, just once, even though I am the "little" sister to most and I still think I can get Steve to do what I tell him to do.

Here are the details of phase one.  From each of you, by FEBRUARY 21, 2014, I need the following: PHOTOS. Oh, yeah, you want to know what photos.  Let me clarify - I need photos of each of you, alone or with spouse; photos of your children with their children, and great grandchildren, etc.  In other words this is the pictorial part of our history.  All of these can be sent to me electronically, or send me the "true" photos (as opposed to electronic photos), I will scan them and return your photos to you.  The photos do not need to be professionally done, just clear.  They could have been taken five years ago, 10 years ago, whenever, just as long as they look like you.  Children's photos can be in groups, or all by their lonesome, however with whatever you send me, please identify the people in the photo.  If the photos are black and white, that is fine, if they are in color that is fine.  For example:  there is a wonderful picture of Louise that was taken for her 80th birthday (so she doesn't need to send that one to me, because I already have it), so now she just needs to gather her family photos.  I can also go to the blog and pull off certain photos if that is all I can get.  

Please gather what you can and get them to me.  Also, just put a quick comment on the blog that says "I got it" or some such thing so I know you have read this and I don't have to bug you individually.  We have one month for phase one.  If you have any suggestions, complaints, etc.  I am open to suggestions, but call Judy if you have complaints.  I hear she is good at solving problems.

I'll get back to you in a week with a progress report.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Steve and the big lamp

I do hate to put anything on the blog to go ahead of the wonderful pictures of Laura's beautiful day, but I keep looking at old pictures, too.  This one brings back memories, and I can put colors in this picture.  The couch was a pale aqua, the chair a reddish color, and the the six-sided lampshade with Pocahontas  (Dad's name for that panel) a definite antique.  So you think Steve was reading anything but a comic book?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wedding Photos

Here are a few photos from Laura and Jeremy's wedding.  Sweet times!
The day was perfect - blue skies but very chilly.  Storms were coming but they held off for a couple more days.

Happy, happy, happy!

 I'm not going to list everyone's name, just know that this is the group we had for Thanksgiving dinner plus one who couldn't be at the temple, as well as filling up the house during an amazing weekend.   A few went home to sleep, but let's just say our house was full of laughter, story telling (do you remember when?), and catching up.  It was wonderful.
Paul says we look kind of old.  We are ok with old as long as happy is included in that description.

The "Tanner" girls - 

This photo is a hoot.  Kristen wanted a photo of her and Nate.  Having Gwen in the photo wasn't a surprise, but Jonah was an added bonus.  Look hard and you will find him.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Robert and Judith Petersen

For our 50th Anniversary, we had planned to have an "official" portrait done.  So here we are four years later and we finally got the deed done.  This was taken in July.