Friday, October 17, 2014

Judy Said I Had To

As we have talked about summer sewing projects, Judy said she would post a picture of the wedding dress project if I would post a picture of the curtain project. Here it is - still a little tweaking, but almost done.
The Roman Shades were disintegrating so I took the easy way out. Note the Coleus in the window where the curtains are pulled back. They are more like a Coleus tree than a little plant.

This is a spring tulip that doesn't look like a tulip. Really pretty. 
And last but not least, the Iris were beautiful last spring. Ok, so I'm late sharing,  Better late than never.

Nobody's Home

After whining to Steve about how to get rid of the chickens, in his amazing wisdom he said "put an ad on Craig's list". Being an independent thinker, I went to a local radio station's on-line classified section and there I found a wonderful solution. A farmer-type was advertising that he would take chickens, ducks, geese for his bug control project. All we had to do was drop them off. We put the seven surviving, only laying an egg every now and again, chickens in a box with a vented top, Paul took them to Lehi and presto, they have a new home. Now when we wake up in the morning we don't hear them talking to us, there are no new dug up grass spots and backyard life has gone back to being very quiet - almost boring.
Will we do it again? It was a fun project until I broke my leg. We loved having the eggs, but I have found another farmer who will sell eggs from their "free range" chickens for $3.00 a dozen. That is probably still cheaper than having our own chickens. Guess we will have to wait and see what the early spring brings.
Nobody's Home!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Something Fun

Here is something fun. Judy and I were talking about when Dad was baptized and I was pretty sure I had his certificate. It is terribly faded and Dad started to write over it but then quit. One interesting statistic is that when Mother was baptized she was No. 24 in Penrose and when Dad was baptized he was No. 88 in Penrose.

Just in case you can't read the information on Dad's certificate it says he was baptized on December 16 and confirmed on December 21, 1930 by Bishop Welch. I suspect we could write for a copy of his certificate from the Church, but this is kind of fun to have.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Genealogy Stuff

Can you tell I am going through more of my stuff? As I am looking for things for my story I am finding a few potential treasures. This one is in Aunt Eva's hand writing. I haven't checked dates, but am just putting it out where others can see if there are any clues in this information that might be helpful. Please remember. I am not vouching for the accuracy of any of what is written here. Eva often got dates wrong, but just in case there is something here that is important here you go.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mystery Letter

Maybe Steve can shed some light on this letter??
This is a transcript of a letter written to Dad regarding the making of
lampshades for the Wyoming Furniture Company. I don’t know who wrote the letter, as the
signature is cut off on the copy of the letter I found in Mother’s genealogy files.

Wyoming Furniture Company,
Specializing in Rustic Furniture,
P.O. Box 720, Cody, Wyoming
Aug 2, 1946

Dear Russell:
I talked to Paul about using Magnolia and he thinks it will work out ok. I know you will turn out a good job if you use it, so I say go ahead if you possibly can. (I got another delivery of lamps yesterday.) Paul uses about the following mixture for a rustic stain (vary according to shade desired)
Burnt umber - 3/4
Burnt sienna - 1/4 so total of both equals 1/2 pint
Linseed oil 1/3
Turpentine 2/3 (mixed in 1 gallon amounts)
After staining, varnish twice, first with gloss 2nd with dull.
I just mentioned the above in case you might like to have it. I will figure on the shades out of one kind of wood or the other. If the magnolia shades cost more we will do whatever is fair on the price. Let me know how you make out. You can see by my writing that (and then the letter is very faded. It is a copy and bottom line with the signature is cut off.)