Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Deep Thoughts and Philosophies

  1. I spent an hour trying to reduce the size of the blog heading and so far have not been successful.  Apparently you have to go into HTML editing and find the dimensions which, so help me, I have not been able to find.  Meanwhile, either gaze at the yellow sunflower or figure it out and put something else in.
  2. My eggs were not numbered.  For all I knew, I used the newest eggs first, saving the oldest until they were older yet.
  3. If Liz had been smart enough to understand "ditto", she could have learned how to read sooner and could have finished all the books in the Powell library two years sooner.  As it is, my conclusion that Liz was too dumb to learn how to read because she could not master the term "ditto" was one of the more egregious mistakes of my life.
  4. Judy thinks she has a system in which she will not have to write a word about her life story.
  5. She learned it from Ann.
  6. I am thinking about extending my life story.  If I write one page a day for 365 days, I will have 365 pages and will then have reached age 21.
  7. Louise left out one monumental tidbit from her story which I am too kind to remind her of.  Or about.
  8. I am on my way to Costco.  I have to spend a fortune on a new version of Windows 7 since I cannot reload the version I have and a new external hard drive since Seagate didn't take into account the fact that Microsoft would release the egregious Windows 8 and that the Seagate drive I have would not be compatible with Windows 8.  It's all still cheaper than the $3000 a new tooth implant costs.
  9. If you haven't watched Longmire on A & E Monday nights, you might want to try it for the yuks.  Father So-and-So from Ballykissangel, maybe, or was it something else, on PBS, is now sheriff of Absoraka County Wyoming, which no one can pronounce, which is filmed in New Mexico, where they fly the Wyoming State Flag in front of the courthouse.

The Wasden Sisters

Can anyone date this picture, taken in Grandma and Grandpa Wasden's yard in Penrose.  This picture probably came from Aunt Cindy's (Lucinda's) photograph album that Uncle Norman gave to me.  Sofe was the oldest sister - looks like she is laughing at something, as are the others.  Our grandmother was just a little below 5' tall - Mother was only 5'3", so you can see the comparative heights.  Anyway, as in most families, these sisters were very diverse in their interests, families, etc.  Both Sofe and Elna married very young - their husbands had been previously married - Alvin's first wife died in the flue epidemic, and Elna's husband was divorced.  Mother married a cowboy, who had to figure out an occupation.  His employment ranged from selling vacuum cleaners in Denver to doing carpenter work on the ranch in Sunlight to cooking for a sheep crew to farming, which was his last occupation.  Aunt Cindy married a returned missionary, and they settled in Lovell, where he farmed and worked at the sugar beet factory.  Mother went to college, and finally graduated in 1959.  (Correct me, Ann and Judy, if that's not right.)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

May I Please?

At the cajoling and the encouraging comments from siblings, I have been working on my story.  However, I have come to the conclusion that certain parts of "my" story have already been masterfully written, because they are, after all, "our" story...  So - here is my proposal.  I would like to "borrow" such pieces of writing from Louise's, Dwight's and Elizabeth's stories, that include anything of historical value, such as Louise's writing that includes dates and places on grandparents, Dwight's writing about the early days in Penrose, as well as Elizabeth's accounts of various events. While I realize we all see things just a little differently, things like the genealogical history, when the move to Penrose was made and why, etc., are really only one story.  Besides if I copy from your stories, then we won't have conflicting information floating around.  Doesn't this sound logical?

Now, I realize this sounds as though I am being lazy, however, I think it is making good use of what has already been done.  What would Mother say?  Do we need to reinvent the wheel?  I will happily give credit repeatedly, when each of you are quoted, and will also, happily, embellish any credentials you would like to have applied.

Seriously, please let me know what you think. Hopefully, you will all say this is a WONDERFUL idea.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Listening to Past Good Times

Thank you, Ann.  When Ann sent us the CDs of so many family treasures, including recordings of past family get-togethers at Mother and Daddy's home on 93rd, I decided to put the recordings of family conversations on my ipod.  I had forgotten about them, but had the play-back on random this morning, and came across the riotous conversation that took place after we had our family pictures taken on August 1, 1980.  We were evidently doing dishes, because the constant clink of the tableware is in the background.  What a joy to listen to the banter and laughter that took place at such a serious time.  What a wonderful memory to re-live.  If you haven't listened to yours for a while, find it and enjoy!  Onward and upward.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A PS to Elizabeth's Post

There is one photo missing in Elizabeth's post about our visit to Preston, and here it is.  The Ott Light is still adding some dimension to the photo, but the smiles are indicative of a very good day.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Chicken Farmers From Orem

       Actually, Ann and Paul look too citified to be ordinary chicken farmers - they have an elite bunch, which are probably pampered more than any chickens we ever knew about in our youth.  They (Ann and Paul, not the chickens) came bearing gifts - a wonderful bunch of the healthiest eggs we've eaten in a long time.  However, I was absolutely amazed when I opened the box to try one for breakfast to discover that the eggs have numbers on them.  I had to call Ann to discover how efficient she is - the numbers are dates harvested, so that you use the older ones first.  A person does not get service like that from store-bought eggs.  Oh, yes, and there is a clue as to one of our activities fr the day in the picture of Ron and Paul - we had to have some dessert before they left for home.  The visit was delightful!
        In my past, I did folk painting, and thought I would do more on all of the wooden shelves, tissue box covers, house signs, Christmas decorations, etc. that I had collected over the years.  Reality does sink in, and when I suggested to Ann that I would give these things to DI, she intervened, and said that she knew who would use them. So,  I managed to send one very large box and two bankers' boxes, plus a large ark stuffed with animal pairs, and a few miscellaneous things to paint with Ann, hopefully for some offspring to invent wonderful things to do with them.  Now that evidence of my past wishful thinking is gone, and the house feels much lighter - and someone else gets to be creative with those wooden things to be painted.  Thank goodness for family!

P.S.  Oh, dear, I just enlarged these pictures - sorry about the Ott-Lite growing out of Ann'a head.  Otherwise, the picture is pretty good.  Nobody's perfect.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Belated Birthday Wishes for Louise

Where did we all go?  Can't believe that we let the 14th slip by without a mention on the blog of the birthday of our family matriarch.  (Is that what you are, Louise?  At least, you have the most years of all of us.)  Hope your day went well, and that you got to celebrate.  You have cultivated a happy disposition, conquering your fears and forging ahead in life being responsible for yourself.  I love the way you have paved the way for me in so many aspects of my life - from being neater than I was (am?) to teaching school, to making quilts, to writing your story, etc., etc.  We are fortunate to have had you leading the way, so that when we wanted to go pick pears, it wasn't such a shock to our dear parents. (Well, maybe not?)   We did all grow up together, didn't we?  Anyway, I've always felt fortunate and secure to have a "big" sister who has tried to show me what to do in life, even if I didn't always follow. Thank you for your steadfastness.  Much love to you on this day after.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Video To Check Out

As Steve and I were talking today, we talked about the Grizzly Creek Ranch in Montana, where he had built some of the lights.  Click on this link and watch the video.  When they start showing the interior of the barn, take a real close look at the lights.  Quite amazing - and beautiful.  Steve's work is so amazing - just wanted to share.



When Ann published the photo of their reunion I called and asked her if it was even legal to have that large a family in America these days.  I had meant to publish this picture of "before" a long time ago but I might have procrastinated a little.


"Shall we gather at the river....the beautiful, beautiful river......"
The Cowlitz River, full of glacier melt from the hot weather, runs along the front of David and Shannon's cabin at Packwood.  The kids rented extra cabins on either side and we had a splendid time.

At The Grove of the Patriarchs.  Missing in the picture are Kemp's family, Jacob's family and Ross.

On the front porch of the Gala Cabin with the flag that the kids made.

L to R: Phil & Joleen Harlan, Brooke, Ross, Ben, Joel, JoLin, Quinn, Bob, Judy, Shannon, David Kemp, Sonja, (coming down the stair on R) Benjamin, Kerry, Jay (on the left) Elissa, Libby, Natalie, and Grace Gala.

Jacob and Lisa had a prior engagement in Rexburg as they brought our first great grandchild into the world......Iris Rae, born July 3.