Thursday, February 18, 2010

Posted earlier but this has a clue

I posted this photo much earlier in the blog, but we were missing a clue as to who they are. Here is another photo with a clue. The handwriting is Aunt Eva's, so will this be grandparents on the Hawkins side?? Or the Blood side?? Or????
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Elizabeth said...

Help! This writing needs an expert interpreter. The couple looks like a sturdy pair - don't really see a resemblance to Sarah Batty Hawkins Blood????

Ann said...

T'is a puzzlement. The note says "Your Grandmother and Grandfather years ago He died in __93.
I think the writing is Eva's. This photo was sent to Dad, along with some other ramblings, which Eva seemed to do as she got older - at least in her letters. However, I have two copies of this photo, one came from Eva and one came from another source, but I don't know who that was, as the photo was just in with some other stuff. There was nothing to identify who, etc.

Shannon said...

My nickel is on Jan and Anna Mach. She died in 93, he in 92. Blow up this picture and then the picture of Veronika where she is sitting somewhat sideways with her arm resting on the arm of the chair. She and the woman have the same chin! What do you think?