Friday, May 21, 2010

Might be the Ranch at Medicine Bow where Mom taught children at a ranch home? From Her Album


Judy said...

Imagine 1928. Look at the different modes of transportation. Remember when Mother used to refer to getting someplace on "shank's ponies"? Notice that when we looked at these pictures when we were kids that it didn't seem so different nor so long ago? Now it seems like this all took place in another world.

Louise Blood said...

I was mulling over what comments to make about these pictures because they are certainly of historic value with the car models of that day. The difference in today's cars is even more startling, than it was when we were kids - as Judy pointed out. I especially liked the picture on the top right, now there is a story, one can only imagine how they got in this predicament and what each person is thinking. It is so much fun to see these pictures from Mother's album. I hope you will post more.