Thursday, December 30, 2010

Elder James B. Wasden

(Begin at lower left corner and count from the left side each time)

1. Ellis, Logan; 2. M. N. Fisher, East Mill Creek; 3. James M. Smith, Logan; 4 Thurber, Richfield; 5. L. R. Anderson, Manti; 6. David H. Elton, Salt Lake City

7. Brown, Office; 8. Naylor, Office; 9. Pres. Elias S. Kimball; 10. Woodmansee, Office; 11. N. L. Nelson, Office; 12. J. A. Wixom, Brigham City

13. Parsons, Koosharem; 14. Wilkison, Richfield; 15. James B. Wasden, Gunnison; 16. Price, Mill Creek; 17. Thos. G. Fraser, Gunnison; 18. Larson, Coville; 19. Osborn, Rexburg, Idaho

This photograph has been in the safe keeping of our cousin, David Wasden (Uncle Brooks son, for those who are not familiar with that piece of genealogy). David and I made a trade. I sent him CD copies of Uncle Brooks and Aunt Lorraine visiting with Mother and Dad back in the late 1970's. In return, David had his son, Steven, make a copy of this photo, which I received in an email today. What a fun addition to our Penrose Mornings record. David had a difficult time transcribing the names of the people in the photo. Many of the names were incomplete, or were terribly faded, but there is one person in that photo who cannot be mistaken for anyone else but our Grandfather. I think he was a very handsome young man. No wonder Grandma was willing to marry him and then work so hard to survive while he was gone!


Elizabeth said...

Victory! The picture is wonderful! I do notice that, while the other young men are posing in a very traditional way, the young man in the second row, second from the right, has an interesting pose - maybe a little agressive. Wonder how his mission turned out? Grandpa was a handsome young man - was he about 27 when this picture was taken? Thank you, Ann, for being so persistent, and thanks to cousin David for sharing.

Judy said...

Getting this photo is nothing short of a miracle. Seeing Grandpa in his missionary days is inspiring, from his sunshine smile to his less than perfectly tailored suit. Makes me love him more.