Sunday, August 14, 2011

Russell M. Blood and Friend, Denver

This copy of a picture was in my files - hope someone has the original. It is a picture of Daddy with his friend, Dwight Tabler (whom brother Dwight was named after). Wasn't he the one whose father helped Dad make connections with Elsie and Dewey? Sorry you can't enlarge this picture well - the pixels just break up. Nevertheless, the dress, which was everyday school dress for Denver schools, seems quite formal. If we could see the whole picture, I think these were short pants, with knee socks. This is one of the few pictures we have of Dad in this period of his life.


Dwight said...

All I have is a faint memory that the other boy is Dwight Tabler, but can't say for sure.

Ann said...

Finally time to look - I do have the original (or at least one that Eva sent to Mom and Dad). The note says: "The 2 Russells, Russell Blood and Russell Mapson. This was when we got religion and were baptized in the Christian Church."