Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brother Dear

Dwight was the picture taker in our family - pictures of him in his youth are few and far between, but I always liked this one, probably taken by a buddy - note the FFA jacket.
This is sort of a professor-type picture - family reunion in Orem.
And, we're only missing Steve - Sweet memories of laughter and tears shared over the years.
Love this picture from the past. We always look forward on our birthdays - sometimes the scenery looks a little uncertain, sometimes we know the path. Life is always throwing us a curve, and we often go into uncharted waters, but it's important to know that family is always there to support and love us on.


Steve Blood said...

Happy birthday Dwight, I still really miss that damned bright bedroom light shinning in my eyes while I was trying to get my beauty sleep. Luv, Steve & Mary Lynn

Judy said...

Dwight, you are probably sorry that you ever gave me admin rights to this blog. I tried to give it a new look for your birthday and it gave me a fight. It was probably saying, "What do you think you are doing? Messing with Dwight's stuff?" Well I think I got it fixed just before midnight so I could wish you a very happy birthday. I hope it had sunshine in all the right places.

Ann said...

I hope your day was wonderful. Football games are highly overrated these days, so I'm hoping you found good things to end the day with. Sure love you.

Elizabeth said...

At least better than the bitter BYU football game fiasco. Ron watched Washington-Nebraska - both teams he follows, so that makes a person happy no matter who wins or loses.