Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Look at Grandpa Working in the Beet Field

I don't have time to try and play with this photo, but thought it would be worthwhile posting the companion photo to the one Elizabeth just posted. Does it look as though Steve and I were driving Mother crazy and so she sent us out to "help" Grandpa in the beet field? Or maybe Dwight wanted us to pose for this photo op. Hopefully you can enlarge the photo and see the facial expressions on these "angelic" looking children. I suspect once Grandpa got bent over it was really difficult for him to stand up straight - at least as straight as his frail body could stand.


Elizabeth said...

That's the picture I was looking for. It never really looked like you and Steve were doing anything constructive, but perhaps a smile and good cheer gave Grandpa determination to press on. Thanks for finding it.

Judy said...

I am cold looking at this picture. Yes, I am thankful that the beet days are over and I endured much less than the rest of you.

Steve Blood said...

Constructive? there were child labor laws even back then, believe me I got my turn.