Sunday, February 12, 2012

Judy and Louise by the Shoshone River

A little while ago, I put Louise's picture by the river, and should have included this one of Judy and Louise. The wool scarves tied around our heads for warmth were always part of our winter wear. We never worried much about what they did to our hair - not much vanity in our family. I still can't remember why I asked everyone to sit or crouch in the snow to take these pictures. Oh, well! This is the best I can do this morning. Where are you, siblings dear? We need to have some rejuvinating of the blog. Happy Sunday to all.


Ann said...

Ok, so here I am, however I didn't get to be in these photos. Wool scarves - they were magic. Mother's sits in my cedar chest, but if I find myself trying to keep warm in a snow storm, it will be put to work.

Judy said...

How has this post been sitting on the blog all of this time without my notice? I think we had better sense then about keeping warm than we do now.
Look at how high the water was in the river! Maybe that's why Elizabeth had us pose from a lower perch. This trip to the river in the winter with snow is a nice memory.