Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dwight is 80 Years Old!!!

 I lifted these photos of  Dwight's party from his granddaughter, Lori, on FB.  I hope I have permission, if not I will ask for forgiveness.  The blog definitely needed a pictorial record of this highly significant event.  Remember  when we thought that 80 was so old we could never reach it?  Well, now two of the six of us are there and doing great.

I think that in spite of the noble comments of, "I certainly do not want any party....fuss...attention, or whatever", he does look quite pleased at the efforts of  his family, especially Velna.  Thank you, Velna!

Ann and Paul were the well-wishers representing the other Blood kids.  They make great ambassadors because, look, Dwight has his best birthday smile. 

This is pretty tramatic for all of us: for Dwight who is 80, for Louise who is already 80, for Velna who is married to an old man, for the rest of us who will someday follow.  Lead on, Dwight, lead on.


Ann said...

One of the best moments from Dwight's party was hearing him laugh. It was good to see Dwight and Velna's family. What a happy day, even if someone did say they (he) didn't want anything done. Eighty is a good number, and with an iPad to keep him busy, Dwight should be set for a good year. At least that is what I suspect we are all wishing.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you! These pictures needed to be shared, as well as the sentiments expressed, Judy. Your temerity is well-received by the rest of us. We did understand that this was a special party for a special person in our life.