Thursday, September 13, 2012

Healing Flowers

When we arrived home from Ogden Saturday afternoon, there were tokens of love for us from family - this beautiful bouquet came from my five siblings with Dwight as the designated bouquet chooser.  Please enlarge this picture - the snap dragons were a perfect touch, with three red roses, deep purple carnations, the pink daisies and the white ones, plus a few other choice stems thrown in for good measure.  Thanks to all of you for thinking of me and sending these cheer-up reminders of the bonds and encouragement we share among us.  (Could we do this on our own?  I don't think so.)  Love to all five of you, Elizabeth.


Dwight said...

Thanks for the photo! The flower lady did a great job. Flowers do work miracles, don't they?

Ann said...

Flowers are gorgeous, and it sounds as though life is beginning to be a little more on the normal side - please note, I said "a little more". Enjoy the life of leisure and gets lots of rest for the good days that are coming.

Judy said...

Those flowers look like you! Such gorgeous and cheery colors to remind you that you are loved. Good job, Dwight.