Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Was This Occasion?

Laura (she looks pretty little), Paul, Kemp, and Dad perched on a log.

All I have labeled on these photos is "at a lake in Washington".

We must be watching the kids....and it must be windy(?) or cool (?).......Mom's scarf and the warmer jackets tell the story.  Who are those 3 cowboys in the background???

Anybody know anything about these?????


Ann said...

I think (?) this is when Paul and I picked up Elizabeth and kids from Wyoming and drove out to Olympia in the van. It was fun to watch the reaction from people along the way when they saw Paul with two women and lots of kids, along with a Utah license plate.
The outfit that Laura is wearing is the same one she is wearing in a photo I have from that trip. My wonderful hair style and glasses tell me it was about 1979.

Elizabeth said...

I like the hairdos! If it was when you and Paul took us out to Washington, it would have been around the first of July, 1978, which is the year we got home from Germany, and then had the family reunion the last of August that year. The pictures are markedly better than the ones I took at the reunion.

Judy said...

It's coming back to me now. Love the picture of Laura with her dad.

Ann said...

Summer of 1978 may work. Laura was born in January 1977, if that helps.