Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where Are You?

All right, everybody - where are you?  We either need an egg count from Ann, a book review from Dwight,  garden progress from Judy, or a quilt  from Louise.  I'm not sure of my responsibility in all of this, so I'll just post the picture that's a month old that Ron took some days after I was home from the last hospital stint.  Belated thank you all for the lovely posies.


Ann said...

Pretty posies. Hmmm, you mean you think we should get on with life? I'll go check for eggs.

Judy said...

I am having trouble uploading photos to the blogs again.......and it is cramping my style. Guess I should get out the laptop and see if it is just this computer or if it is really blogspot and that has me limited.

I'm glad you got flowers, we all feel so helpless when really we would just like to fix things for Elizabeth.