Sunday, April 7, 2013


I suppose there should be a photo to go with this, but - oh, well.

Today is a monumental day.  No more wheelchair, no more knee scooter, no more crutches, just a walker to rescue me and to help build up the strength in my left leg.  Today I fixed lunch, and have dinner in the slow cooker.  Paul isn't quite sure how to handle the situation, but I suspect he will quickly, and thankfully, readjust to the world of just being a professor, chicken handler, egg gatherer, garden preparer, lawn mower and major bill payer.  I am so thankful for him.

I just want to tell all of you thank you for keeping such good tabs on me.  Most days have included a phone call from someone wanting to know how I "really am".  There has been lots of laughter, wonderful sharing of Pickles and gramma elbows, discussions about genealogy, and weather forecasts between here, New York, Olympia and Preston, just to name a few topics that have been covered.  I suspect Dwight is anxiously waiting for me to go to Costco and let him know what he can't do without.  However, I probably won't bother him because he doesn't seem to be responding real well these days. There have been phone calls from each one of you that have meant so much to me.  Then there was a bouquet of beautiful flowers that came from the "Blood Family", for which I am so appreciative.  They have long since departed, but they were beautiful and did lift my spirits on a somewhat gray day.  Please forgive me for not posting a photo - just know they were perfect.

 I hope Steve and Mary Lynn's Vietnam photos have been well received this weekend, that Dwight and Velna will soon come north, that Louise can keep up her cheerful spirits, that Elizabeth can continue going through her stuff and finding treasures she didn't even know she had and that Judy can get our genealogy all straightened out.

Conference has been wonderful - I want to be a better me.  May your Sabbath be a wonderful one.
Love to all,


Elizabeth said...

It worked! I figured that if I stayed away, something magical would appear on the blog, and it did. Ann, this is such a wonderful progress report! You are indomitable! Glad you're back in the semi-swing of things, but don't push it, please? Thanks for keeping us up to date. Love you.

Judy said...

The details of your report remove the last umpteen weeks from being such a blurr. We echo your graditude for Paul, again. He has been up the hill more than once with you.
We love your spirit and show of confidence even in the time of complete frustration.
After Conference if Ann wants to do better, where does that leave the rest of us?