Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh, What Do You Do In The Summertime

It was fun to see Elizabeth's post of the photos from what seems like forever ago.
I thought I would share just a little bit of how our summer has gone.  I think I need to revamp my little family blog so more people have access to it, but for today I will share here.

One of Paul's top priority projects was to solve the water dripping off the roof of the chicken coop so there would not be any ice in front of the door to the coop (do you wonder why??  Not!).  So, note the gutter and the down spout on the coop.  Happy Day!

 I read a book and found the suggestion about building a trellis for the cucumbers.  If fall doesn't come soon, this will climb over the fence and head into the neighbor's yard.  I would say that has been very successful. And the cucumbers hang through the trellis so picking them is much easier than fighting the prickly plant.

 And then there was the door to nowhere.  When Paul leveled the floor in my sewing room that at one time had a major slant to it because that room  was originally an outside porch (long before we bought the house), the north door was about 8 - 10 inches above the original cement steps (as was the south door, but we had already solved that problem long ago).  For the past several years we have talked about one solution after another, and this year was the time to put something into action.  Although this door is never used because I have shelves in the sewing room blocking access, at least now it could be used.  I love the end result.

The garden looking east.

This is how the garden looks, looking west through the grape arbor that I am sure won't work, and Paul is determined to make work.  The flowers in the garden are a Penrose tradition.  Everything has really taken off.  What a fun year it has been, in spite of the intense heat.  If you wonder where the rows are, just know it has become a losing battle.

This photo is just a little blurry, but has to be shared.  The egg on the left is a "normal" egg, the egg on the far right is the size the little red hens normally lay, and the rather large egg next to the ruler from the little desk drawer is a double yolk egg.  What a good day!  May your Saturday find things going well at your house.


Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful report. We were confident that Paul would solve the gutter problem so that there would be no more blue tarps to hide the ice. Yes - all gardens must have flowers. Even when pennies were hard to come by, Mother chose some wonderful flower seeds, too. Your garden looks like mine. Mother would be proud of you. In our garden, instead of orderly rows, you sort of wade your way through the mass and hope you don't ruin all of it. And the eggs! That has been a real success story. Anyway, you are short of those little miniature pumpkins, I have enough for everyone. Just let me know. Loved this post.

Judy said...

Your garden is beautiful. I know some deer and bunnies who would love to come and trim things. Seriously, a very nice garden. I thought you can to crack an egg open to know if it was a one or a two yolker. You are smart!

Judy said...

that's "had to" not can to.