Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday To Dwight!

   Devoted            Delightful

     Dashing                           Dedicated

   Determined               Decent

 Decisive                  Dear

    Dependable        Diplomat

    Disarming                     Direct
With love and best wishes from your brother and 4 sisters!

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Elizabeth said...

So well thought up and perfectly executed! Good going, Judy, and our very best birthday wishes to brother Dwight. He has become a lovable curmudgeon these last years, and we wish for many more.

Ann said...

Perfect, Judy!
Happy Birthday, Dwight! I was glad to hear you were able to survive the night before your birthday. Whew! You have made it another year.

Elizabeth said...

...years or birthdays, etc. Sorry I didn't finish the sentence.

Dwight said...

None of it is true, but I love it. Dwight.