Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas 1955

Elizabeth captured this story-telling  picture of Mother on a cold Christmas Morning in 1955.  Details reveal that she had on her milking jeans so barn chores had been part of her day.  However, she put on one of her dressiest shirts in honor of the day.

Mother had babied a geranium through the fall and into the cold of December.  It sat proudly on the desk with light from that east window to keep it green.  I was careless and knocked it off the desk, breaking the pot and smashing the plant/ She didn't get mad at me, but I could tell it was a big loss to her. 

I was determined to find a way to replace it and eventually found this one at McGlathery's Florist in Powell.  It was one of the most expensive gifts I ever bought. I got it home somehow and hid it in the bottom of our tiny closet till Christmas morning.  The recorded smile was worth every effort and it is one of the most remembered gifts that I gave.


Ann said...

I remember that Christmas morning so well. Mother cried and laughed and was so surprised. I suspect you spent your babysitting money?

Elizabeth said...

Mother's glee is so infectious! I remember that she laughed and cried, as Ann said. Can't believe I caught the right picture - I used Dwight's old Baby Brownie. The undated letter from Santa above was from that year. I had turned down the offer from a friend from Powell for him to come to Riverton to pick me up. That's where the obtuse reference to "Liz, you had your chance" came from. Was this the year the Daddy gave Mother a new wedding ring because she had worn her old one out?

Elizabeth said...
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