Monday, January 6, 2014

Wedding Photos

Here are a few photos from Laura and Jeremy's wedding.  Sweet times!
The day was perfect - blue skies but very chilly.  Storms were coming but they held off for a couple more days.

Happy, happy, happy!

 I'm not going to list everyone's name, just know that this is the group we had for Thanksgiving dinner plus one who couldn't be at the temple, as well as filling up the house during an amazing weekend.   A few went home to sleep, but let's just say our house was full of laughter, story telling (do you remember when?), and catching up.  It was wonderful.
Paul says we look kind of old.  We are ok with old as long as happy is included in that description.

The "Tanner" girls - 

This photo is a hoot.  Kristen wanted a photo of her and Nate.  Having Gwen in the photo wasn't a surprise, but Jonah was an added bonus.  Look hard and you will find him.


Judy said...

Isn't it wonderful to have photos to keep special times in bright remembrance! Laura's happiness became our happiness. Points of light.......

Elizabeth said...

What a happy day to add to special memories! The smiles tell all. The bride is beautiful, the dress wonderful, and the groom is happy. What more could you ask? And, Ann, you and Paul do not look "old" - just getting more distinguished all the time.

Dwight said...

What a special day for the Tanner family. I was privileged to be at the reception to see everyone. Blessings to everyone, including Charlie.