Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Look What Laura Found

I love it when Laura is on spring break and has computer time. Check out the link below for something really neat. Some of you may have already run across this, but it was new to me. How fun it is to see Dad's name. http://www.icollector.com/Thomas-Molesworth-Accent-Pieces_i12883316


Dwight said...

These are wonderful pieces. Steve has put a picture of them on his Pinterest board which I have copied to my Steve Blood Pinterest board on my own Pinterest stuff. Keep looking, Laura.

Elizabeth said...

It's true - it's fun to run across Dad's name in connection with things that he made.

Ann said...

The idea that Steve had already found this shouldn't surprise me.There is also a bit from Antiques Roadshow on Molesworth Furniture that is kind of fun to watch.I think if you do a search for Antiques Roadshow Molesworth Furniture you can get there. There is an inlay hanging on the wall in the background that is hard to really make out, but it looks kind of familiar.