Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Writer In the House

I just talked with Dwight about his latest plan to write Western Romance novels that are about 3-4 pages long. After suggesting the hero wouldn't even be able to ride into town and see the sweet school marm in just 3-4 pages, I told him about John's book that is for sale on Amazon. Dwight asked me why I hadn't put something on Penrose Mornings about it, so I am repenting and putting a quick note here. John worked long and hard on this project and we were excited when he said it was actually going to print. He has received some great comments personally, as well as made some interesting contacts as a result of his book. Just in case you are wondering, it isn't exactly light reading. Sorry about the "Click to look inside" arrow. Can't figure out how to get rid of that. 

The Pitfalls of Reform: Its Incompatibility with Actual Improvement by John Tanner


Judy said...

Congratulations to John. This is no small tast. We wish him will with his book.

Elizabeth said...

Double congratulations, John. As we know, it is very difficult to write a book. Will check this one out.