Saturday, January 17, 2015

Grandpa Wasden and the Bridge at Yellowstone

Grant Wasden had a question about Grandpa Wasden being involved in the construction of the corkscrew bridge in Yellowstone.  I'm not sure I have the name of the bridge right, but it is the circular bridge.  Unfortunately I can't find the Facebook post with the picture on it.  However, if any one has any information from memory or from records about this bridge, please let us know.  I do remember something about Grandpa's involvement with this bridge but that's as far as my memory goes.


Ann said...

Wasn't it the Chittendon Bridge where there was the continuous concrete pour?

Steve Blood said...

It was the Chittendon, there are several stories associated with it. One was that Dave and Brooks were to take the team and fresno up to grandpa over sylvan but stopped to spend quality time trout fishing. I believe that grandpa went looking for them but I could be wrong, I do remember hearing that he was furious with the boys for slacking off. At the end of the pour grandpa was in the line that shook hands with Teddy Roosevelt. Grandpa had many tales to tell of the tourists from the east, I'll have to try and remember some of them.

Elizabeth said...

The original Chittendon bridge was replaced with another bridge sometime in the mid 1900s - don't remember just when. I have a copy of the letter (somewhere) that Uncle Brooks wrote about that episode. He was by himself, and was to drive the team to the Park. It was quite an adventure for him, and he does comment that Grandpa wasn't too pleased with him for being late. Don't remember about the fishing?