Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Having confessed to our cousin, Newell Sorensen, that I need to get Grandpa's missionary journals back to him, which exchange is long overdue, I have been making sure my project is completed before the exchange in April. As I was going through everything, I ran across something that touched me more today than it did the last time I read it. The photo below is of Grandpa and the other missionaries in his mission in 1898. He is on the back row, third from the left, although I suspect you easily found him. He looked so young, but when I remember he had been working in Yellowstone before he left on his mission, underneath the young, handsome look there must have been an amazing amount of determination to accomplish what he had set out to do. However, on April 30, 1898, he must have been missing home and his "darling wife" as he wrote the following poem in his missionary journal. I thought you might enjoy this sweet sentiment from Grandpa. (Please note: It is transcribed exactly as it was written.)

Just to open wide my little cottage door.
Just to see my baby roling on the floor,
Just to know that I have something to adore,
Just to be at home again.
Just to hear a sweet voice calling papa dear,
Just to know, my darling wife is standing near,
You may wish for Gold in your lonely heart to cheer,
But I will take Baby, Wife and Home.


Elizabeth said...

I do not recall having ever seen this picture. It is a real treasure. And the poem, extracted from the journal, is precious. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Once again, however, should this journal be in the BYU archives for missionaries, so that all descendants could access it?

Ann said...

Yes, the journals should be in the archives. However, since I am not the owner of the journal I can't make the decision. I have approached Newell about the importance of preserving these records and hope he is giving some serious consideration to doing just that. The same is true of the Yellowstone Journals. Julienne has those.

Judy said...

I am truly behind....Love this stuff! There is none better.