Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Birthday to Ann

To our dear Annie:  I believe today is your birthday.  I remember well the day you were born as I discovered Dr. Coulston's fancy car, probably the only Cadillac in Powell, was not parked behind their clinic when I went on my mandatory walk down town at noon.  You bring a smile and a cheerful word and an infectious laugh whenever we see you.  We know you have had your share of trials but you have borne them graciously and without complaint.  We honor you on this day and we all wish we were there to share your birthday cake, watch you blow out the candles, and sing Happy Birthday to you.  Just imagine it.  It's done.  We did it.  Love from your adoring sisters and brothers.


Ann said...

Thank you! I sure love my family and the fact that you see the good and have learned to overlook the other stuff. You have helped make my day a special one.

Judy said...

Ann, our brother did a good job expressing our sentiments about you on this special day of your 74th birthday! Thanks for the love and instruction you give me every time we talk. Someday, I hope to be as smart as you are. Love you very much.

Elizabeth said...

I think that I left other birthday remembrances along the way, but I have to comment on this since I've now discovered Penrose Mornings again.
thank you for all of the wisdom, courage, and wit that you approach life with - you are a great example. Love you much. Elizabeth