Monday, January 19, 2009

A Few Fun Judy Pictures

The big dance! This picture was taken the night Bob asked Judy to marry him. She loaned this dress to me for the Senior Prom. Note the "glass" slippers.

This picture is fun - it shows a little corner of the Penrose house kitchen, and Judy, very carefully studying something. I believe this picture was taken the summer of 1959.

Summer of 1959. Judy and I had made these "cute" outfits - shorts and a nifty top. These were made with Mother's permission. The shorts were true shorts, as opposed to knee length shorts. Judy led the way in this project and I was a willing follower. This is another fun picture of Judy, as well as the Penrose kitchen, modernized (i.e. electric stove and running water).
I always loved this picture of Dad with Judy and me. Judy set such a great example for me - she has always been a neat dresser and worked really hard to help me understand how to follow her lead. Her dress is one she had made, my gorgeous blue suit is one that Velna passed on to me. I felt very grown up in it.

Whew! It was so good to have a "Judy" sighting last night. Even though she sounded tired and seemed to be looking forward to getting some good sleep, it was reassuring to hear her voice. I couldn't find any appropriate flower pictures to send to her, but I had a few minutes this morning and went on a hunt for a couple of Judy pictures that would be fun to share. Welcome home Judy!


Elizabeth said...

Not only are they fun to share, but I've never seen these before. Thanks, Ann. Judy was beautiful and chic in her formal. And,how the kitchen changed from the time I lived at home. In the second picture, Judy is sitting where the milk separator and the "slop bucket" resided. It looks much nicer! Mother and Dad kept that red and chrome kitchen stool forever. In the next picture, the absence of cereal boxes and the copper tray from the top of the cupboard that held the dishes is noticeable. And the bottom picture with the three of you is quite a treasure.

Ann said...

Ok, so this was a trial run. We can just keep commenting until Judy does make it home. Guess I will keep looking for more fun pictures.

Judy said...

My great comfort was knowing that you 5 were talking about me....cheering me on. I am glad to be home and I am grateful for everything!

Judy said... the picture of me perched on the kitchen stool, I am embroidering kitchen dish towels for my hope chest. Remember: Monday...Washday, Tuesday..., etc?
Does anyone have any of those old patterns?

Ann said...

Laura actually found some new "old" patterns that were similar and has had fun embroidering on dish towels to help fill the times when she needs something to occupy her mind that isn't too challenging. In one of the letters Mother wrote from Laramie that summer she told you (Judy) that there were some flour sacks in her cedar chest you could have. And away you went. I always used the Monday dish towel on the wrong day of the week!

Judy said...

Hey! Take another look at Ann in the Blue Suit. See the little dwelling off to the left? That is the only picture of that structure that I know!