Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Beaded Purse - Early Style

This little beaded purse used to live in Mother's cedar chest with the other treasures of the past, including Mother's flapper dresses and the elegant green dress with the hobtnail-type trim. Judy remembers it as being our grandmother Louise (Mach-Krajicek)'s - Perhaps Louise will remember its' origin? Somehow I associate it with Aunt Rose (Kray) Allgeier, but my memory about these things may be faulty, too. Anyone who knows and remembers, please let us know.


Louise Blood said...

I'm not sure how I became the lucky owner of this little gem, but I do remember that I must have been allowed to play with it because that was when the missing loop of beads came off. It has been one of the treasures in my little cedar chest for as long as I can remember. I had posted this picture in May of 2008It did belong to Grandmother Louise according to a letter from
Aunt Rose that Ann read to me.
Elizabeth, you might mention how you came to post this.

Elizabeth said...

I posted this again, because of Judy. She called to direct me to the family tree on, for Betty Sullivan (our second cousin). Betty had posted this picture, probably obtained from the blog, and attributed the work to Mother. I just wanted to give the right attribution. Betty has done fantastic genealogy work on our Blood family, and we are deeply indebted to her for her dedication to the cause. Go to, and check on the Blood-Wasden tree (mine), and Shannon's tree - I don't remember the exact name, but just do a search for Shannon Petersen or Gala. Straighten me out, Judy? (just on this point, please.)