Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pictures from the Past

Mid-May of 2007 was the last time we stopped in Riverton at Dwight and Velna's house. We had been in Orem, for Ron to attend the Woodturner's Seminars at BYU, and Louise had come down to Ann and Paul's to spend some time with us. This was a precursor to our year from purgatory - both of us having our individual challenges. And we haven't been back to Riverton or Orem since them. Have to reform! In the meantime, these pictures were in the internal memory of my camera, not on a memory stick. To my frustration, I couldn't figure out how to retrieve them without reconnection the USB camera port....Finally, after almost memorizing the inscrutable instructions that go with the Sony camera, I was able to move the pictures to a memory stick. In fact, I did it so well, that I managed to put each picture on that stick 8 times each - overkill, for sure. Anyway, I was glad to retrieve these three special pictures to add to my family album.

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Ann said...

Nice pics. If we keep these images active, then we can mentally be this age and have the good health that was enjoyed at the time of these pictures. This was a good time.