Saturday, September 26, 2009

The 29 cent puzzles: Have We Had Our Money's Worth?

Louise claims all the pieces are still there


Elizabeth said...

Need to include the history of these puzzles. As I remember, both Louise and Dwight had their tonsils out at the same time at the Coulston clinic in Powell. (Remember, into the clinic, get ether to put you out, wake up, and go home to chew aspergum, feel miserable for a while, and then get on with things.) The puzzles were to entertain the convalescing invalids. There were pieces in the puzzles that were objects - airplanes, balls, etc. so the puzzles were used so often that you could take an object, and put the puzzle together around it.

Louise Blood said...

I would say that we certainly did get our money's worth since after Dwight and I put them together how many zillion times they were passed down to younger siblings for the same treatment. This was the beginning of my love of puzzles, and in my high school years Christmas was complete when I got my 1000 piece puzzles which I worked on through Christmas vacation, which I selfishly (I now admit in my repentant old age) would not let anyone dare to try to fit even one piece The tradition of a Christmas puzzle has been carried on through many years by my children giving me a puzzle, and during my teaching years putting the puzzle together was how I spent Christmas vacation. I'ts hard for me to get rid of them and at this writing I have close to 25 puzzles in my closet. A few I have put together more than once when I didn't have a new one to work on. One special one is of a German castle that Elizabeth sent me from Germany. Puzzles have saved my sanity during some difficult times in my life when I was kind of adrift The bad thing about puzzles for me is when I have one going I spend way too much tome working on it, and then I feel guilty that I am not doing something more productive. But, talking about puzzles makes me want to get one out and maybe I won't worry about feeling guilty.