Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Utah Quilt Guild Show in Layton

A rose by Louise's front door
I cheerfully went to the Utah Guild Quilt Show with my sisters in Layton, which was a better proposition from Ann than a 4 sq. ft. garden, for which Liz was the only one who "bit", but I did draw the line when the words "fabric store" were uttered. Quilts were amazing. Most of them are on Facebook, so you need to go there to see them. If you're not on Facebook, let Ann, Louise, Judy, or me know, and you will be invited to be a "friend." Sorry I did not get photos of Liz's quilts. Just far, far, far easier to post 58 photos on Facebook than piddle around all day waiting for Blogspot photos to dither and then finally post.
P.S. Judy announced several months ago she was consolidating the labels for Penrose Mornings so we would not have 2,000 of them?


Ann said...

And you were such a great traveling buddy. The very best part of the day for me was when you said you thought maybe I was smart because I could find my way around Layton. Good time for talking and catching up just a little. Thank you for "biting" on this one. It was a fun day - just wish we could have had Judy and Steve along.

Ann said...

PS The hair color is quite pleasant, don't you think? Judy just think, if you were to convert to another color you just wouldn't look as though you belong!

Anonymous said...

Love the hair color! and the quilts. judy

Elizabeth said...

The quilt behind the three of us was the Judges' choice for the show. It was stunning - took over two years to make, with about 4 hours a day going into the hand applique. Knocked you over!