Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, and Save the Tinsel! Plus Liz on Bike

Oh boy how I remember hauling the Christmas tree out to the front porch so we could preserve the image through immortality.  Plus I never got a fancy truck in my life. We've all seen these but recycling doesn't hurt anything.

I always regret not taking more pictures inside the house and more pictures of everyone. But film and developing were precious.  We see so many details of our life in photos like this one.

Who says Liz can't ride a bike? This one needs flipped, but who cares?


Ann said...

More sweet memories. I think it is incredible there are the photos we do have. Dwight, your photo taking has chronicled a huge piece of our lives and I am grateful for your efforts to record as much as you could. There are enough photos to jog memories, along with emotions, and the warmth of the time and place.

Judy said...

The light colored doll under the tree was mine. Her name is Susan and I still have her. She resides in my cedar chest and makes appearances on rare occasions to be admired by a grandchild.
AHHH the train. Do you have the picture of Dad, hair tousled, helping to put the track together? This was obviously one of the Christmas with more to give.

My eyes have been opened about Elizabeth not "riding" the bike. I thought she could do anything and everything...And she still can.

Ann said...

My dark haired doll wasn't as fortunate as Judy's doll. I really wore mine out. Judy even remembers her doll's name. Incredible memory.

Elizabeth said...

There was a third doll that Christmas, and, old as I was, I tried to claim it because I had never had one. However, Mother didn't believe me, and I don't know what happened to it. About the Christmas tree on the porch, I was Dwight's slave, and helped haul stuff - I remember helping him when he posed Judy on the porch. And, flash bulbs were very expensive, so indoor photos were few and far between. Thank you, Judy, for your faith in me - no, I can't, but that's okay.