Friday, March 26, 2010

A Get Well Wish for Steve

How I wish these days didn't come - illness is for someone else, but not for dearly loved ones. Today's wish for Steve is for a speedy recovery, lots of rest, and sunshine .
These photos of days long ago hold wonderful memories; ok, not of the time the photos were taken, but of the little boy who always had a twinkle in his eye, and who always seemed to enjoy a new adventure - and who grew up to still have that twinkle in his eye and to believe that anything is possible.
May your positive outlook carry you through to renewed good health and strength. Wish I had some comic books to send your way. I love you, brother dear.
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Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Ann. We all send our get-well wishes and love along with yours.

Judith said...

We are piling on the love and holding Steve's hand all the way. How blessed we are! And Mary Lynn, there is plenty of the same for you. You are just what Steve needs the most.
Ann, I am appreciative for the pictures you posted.

Louise Blood said...

I also send my get-well wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, along with my love. I love you, Steve.

Steve Blood said...

What a wonderful surprise, but I'm not surprised considering the family we have. This is truly a spectacular event in my life and where it will lead from here is hard to say but I have discovered the possibility that women do have a lot more power than men. When Mary Lynn cradled my head in her hands and said,"Steve, don't leave me," I knew this was a force not to mess with. Thanks to everyone for the love and prayers STEVE

Ann said...

And how thankful we all are for Mary Lynn. It is a good time to be obedient.

Dwight said...

Good luck on the tests tomorrow. We're all pulling for you.