Sunday, March 7, 2010

John and Anna Mach Photos

These 2 pictures have been posted previously and separately.  After spending the evening on the phone with Shannon and comparing these two photos, we are convinced the lady is one and the same, just at different stages of life.  We are also convined that thebottom photo is John and Anna due to the clue left by Eva.  "your Grandmother and Grandfather......died in 1893"  which is the same time frame of the passing of John and Anna.  Hello, Grandma Anna!  And Grandpa John!


Elizabeth said...

That is as exciting as it gets!! I always loved "the hat" - it truly is grand. Thank you - we trust Shannon completely. We know from the death records that John died on 17 April 1892, and Anna on 1 April 1893. They were living in the same place as there were in the 1880 census.

Judy said...
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