Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Steves Letters

Postmarked 1959
Dear Judith,
"My dear loving, loved (sometimes) sister, a miracle has occurred.  We can now start communicating again and still have a good dear feeling toward each other."    (to whom was this referring?)
"Everythings fine up here.  We work, we earn, we eat, and we pay.  My back is about ready to drive me insane if I'm not already there.  I think I've sprained it, or maby its a slipped disk, or maybe-if you see any red stains on this letter you know that it is broken.  I really haven't seen the DR vetenarian yet so I really don't know whats what.----------
     What do you mean from balls to girls?  I don't even look at girls any more.  That is not unless I see one.  Danny has kind of gone, gone, gone on himself or either else I have.  May I got his girl again.  You know I've started a new fad I have to tell you about.  Most of the other boys hate it (beacause it take their girl) unless they join our ranks.  But boy it sure gives the girls a thrill.  It's the old give and go.  You know where you give them all your gush then ya mush on. 
      I still think though that Danny and I are the only high school kids that haven't been on a party.  Aren't you proud of me?
      By the way I'm enlosing a picture of me and of Mike.  (two different poses of his class picture)  Speaking of twins being exact, notice that the mole on his neck is in the same place as mine.
Well no time to gab.  Its the old give and go process you know.
                                                                  Stephen Blood Jr.
                                                                   Mike Blood Jr.
P.S.  Write


Ann said...

And here I thought Steve wasn't interested in girls. Sounds to me as though there was some competition going on. I should have kept closer track of my little brother.

Elizabeth said...

What a letter - I can interpret some of this more than the first one (which was never decoded, for those not acquainted with Doby Gillis.) Steve, you were quite a Casanova, right???? Love 'em and leave 'em???

Steve Blood said...

I was a certified nut job.

Judith said...

Absolutely not! Isn't it interesting that you used "Mike" as your twin, years before your first son was born? Prophetic.

Again, it was a lot of the last 3 kids trying to keep up with the first 3 kids. Growing up is tough for any of us and it is a wonder that any suvive, much less the parents.

Ann said...

Certified nut job? NOT! You were/are very clever, talented, and absolutely loved life. Your letters are a great insight into your world at that time and place. However, I don't hear you telling Judy how much you loved milking cows. That must have come later, as you matured.