Sunday, April 18, 2010

When Steve Was Cool

I have lost the envelope and have no date for the following letter.  I am thinking it was while I was at BYU.

Dear Pudy,
     I'm piping in on you baby and sending this with the cats when they blow.  Like I've been buzzed by germsville again.  Cool, I live and breath but not very good though cause I've got a 'll of a throat tickle.  Like dad I've got the flew to go with it. 
     Life is but a merry merry go-round isn't it?  Like the cats will probably tell you all this sand and dirt before you shake down this cool line.
     I was going out for basketball this year but I guess that Santa fixed that for me.  Some people are just naturaly attrached to me and I guess that the wheel at the germ center is one of those kind persons.  I would have had good chances fo making the varsity reserve.
     Last Saterday afternoon I felt real good and pulled a fast one on the cats and got my drivers license. Of coarse I got it with the idea that I would  Blow the works while they were gone but fortune smiles down again on asweet dear little boy.  How square.
     I don't know why I bug you with all of the jazz.  I guess that I write to you like this so that you won't understand me.  ARe'nT i A goood tyrep thuogh?
     Well I'm going to the flats for a few zs.  I'd tell you happy hunting but I don't think that it would do you any good.



Elizabeth said...

Steve, would you please interpret this for us? I'm lost, except for a few clues. There must have been a special kind of slang, doublespeak, etc.

Steve Blood said...


Judith said...

Who? Elizabeth or me?

Ann said...

Hilarious. Funny thing is I know when this was happening. Independence/driver's license really did give him wings. The language is quite amazing,(what is really sad is I understand him), the spelling even better. Steve was always very smart, but he loved to pretend otherwise. And Dobby Gillis was definitely an idol. The theory of low expectations!

Elizabeth said...

Steve, this must stand as a landmark in your past. We still don't have a total interpretation.