Friday, September 17, 2010

Ode to Dwight

I know this guy named Dwight,

whose life, so he says, has been quite a plight.

He struggled, he loved, he laughed, he taught,

He desired, among other things to never be caught

Without the newest or "funnest" gadgets his siblings had first,

Or to be last on the list to be told the "latest dirt". (so what does rhyme with first?)

Over the years he has tried,

to be whatever being "big brother" implied.

Setting an example for all to contemplate,

Should I? Or shouldn't I, Oh, I think I'll just wait

To see if he's serious before I take the bait.

Multi-level bargains, wigs and pantyhose, and a calming potion,

Are just some of the adventures he helped put in motion.

But when all is said and done,

What would I change? Not one.

We have shared laughter and tears,

Dreams, frustrations and fears,

And since today is the start of your new year,

My wish for you is quite sincere.

May you continue to find laughter, and see the good in each day,

No matter what challenge may come your way,

Your life is a gift, that makes our lives more complete

So, please, be a good boy, go rub Vicks on your feet.

Enjoy lots of birthday treats, and get a good night's rest,

BYU plays tomorrow, you need to be at your best.

(Ok, dumb attempt, but am out of photos! Happy Birthday, Dwight. It was fun seeing you for a few minutes yesterday. I hope you made it home safe and sound. Love you, Annie)


Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Ann - you "done" good. I can ditto everything you said. What memories we share through the years - and I do forgive you, Dwight, for stealing my doll buggy so many years ago. Love you very much. Eliz.

Judy said...

ANNNNNNNNN! Darn good! We will expect more of these. To Dwight, how old is 50 old? That is still as high as I can count. So please just keep staying there.

Dwight said...

Thanks Annie. Better than I deserve, irregardless, and all things considered, etc. It was fun. L, D.

Dwight said...

I've been trying to write a pome in reply but my creative juices dried up years ago. So we can move Penrose on to greater people and more interesting topics. But your pome is excellent.

Ann said...

I'm working on it!

Louise Blood said...

I was so impressed with with your ingenious writing, Ann, but didn't comment on it, but since it is still at the top of the blog I will take advantage of it. I think you touched all bases, and did it so well. Good work.