Friday, September 10, 2010

Mother's and Grandma's Dresser

A few weeks ago, Dwight asked me to post a photo of The dresser, so here it is. See how compliant I am - in this instance! Remember dusting all the curly cues, that aren't there anymore?


Elizabeth said...

After Steve's refinishing in Washington, the coats of paint came off and this beautiful wood was revealed. I'm missing things like the Jergens' Lotion, and Mother's comb, and the chip-carbed box that held treasures. So glad it is in good hands! Memories!

Judy said...

Look at that! And don't forget the wind-up tick tock clock that sat on the edge next to the bed. Let's see, Dad had the top drawer, Mom the middle, but was the third drawer the over flow? This was every bit worth your effort, Ann.

Louise Blood said...

What is the story of the dresser, where it came from? I don't remember where it was in the little house, the first I remember it was in Ralston. It was between the double bed that Elizabeth and I slept in. I can remember spending time looking in the mirror and inspecting my features, wishing I was pretty, and making faces. I was fascinated with being able to move the mirror to a different slant. Back in Penrose, it was a fun job for me to dust it and handle the things on top. Good memmory, Judy, for who had which drawers.