Friday, November 12, 2010

The Cow Barnyard After I Left Home

The shop is on the right, the lean to garage straight ahead, the light pole that the cat named Holstein (a coward) would shinny up and sit on top until his warring battle scarred friends departed, the white house ahead.


Ann said...

Ok, just when I think we have covered all of our bases (whatever that means), something new comes up. Love this photo! I spent a lot of time on the west side of the corral, mostly to find the kittens that were hiding in the hay.

Steve Blood said...

The barnyard is obviously not getting the respect that it deserves judging by the lack of comments. For instance Ann and I used to lay on our backs on top of the haystack when they would be air spraying the fields. We could see the grease on the cylinders as the plane would buzz over the top of us. We built a fort in the straw stack without Father's knowledge, (a home for kittens)he took took it pretty well when the roof didn't hold his wieght. I found Mother behind the haystack one day when she had taken all that she could handle and needed a short break. There is history there.

Steve Blood said...

Name that cow. Anybody? Since the house was already added on to this is probably a game for Judy, Ann and myself, but did Judy ever make friends with the cows?

Also, I'm not ordinarily a whiner, complainer or a trouble maker but I did like the old print better.