Sunday, November 7, 2010

Something of interest: Our humble blog is going to be listed on GeneaBloggers!

From: Thomas MacEntee

Date: November 7, 2010 4:58:34 AM MST

Subject: Your blog has been added to the list at GeneaBloggers
Hello there!

You’ve got a great genealogy blog – Penrose Mornings: Blood Family Blog - and we’ve added it to the list of over 1,300 genealogy blogs at GeneaBloggers (

We will announce your blog in our weekly New Genealogy Blogs on Saturday, November 13, 1010. In the meantime, please visit the About ( section at GeneaBloggers to learn how you can display your GeneaBloggers badge on your blog and also how you can participate in activities such as the Daily Blogging Themes.

If you need technical assistance, please check out Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers (


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Judy said...

I emailed Dwight to congratulate him on this recognition for his efforts with our family blog. What has been said and recorded here has all been important to us and more. Thanks, Dwight.

Dwight said...

This has been a community effort and that is what has made it successful. We have much left to uncover and write about and reproduce and we need the help and contributions from all family members and also from those outside our family who visit us and have comments that help us see who we are and from whence we have come. Thanks to all for what began as a random project, and has pretty much continued in a "what do I see today" kind of continuum. And that's what keeps our interest, not knowing what will come next.

Ann said...

I worry a little about what is left to uncover. This has been a delightful journey and treasures have been shared that are important to all of us. The "twitting" (which was around long before "tweeting") has been a source of giggles on cloudy days and the variety of topics we have been able to cover on what began as an innocuous post has been amazing (that is an understatement). Thank you Dwight for the nudge, and thank you everyone for being a part of the fun.

Dwight said...

We may be running out of photos and relics from days of yore, but our minds are full of little stories that all need to be told, one by one--the stories that without a blog like this would never be heard or known beyond only a few family members. Besides, it's now time to tell all the secrets?