Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Little House

This little saying hung in Mother and Dad's home in Tumwater. I had such dreams of cross stitching it, however, as you can tell, that hasn't happened, yet. However, I remember the tender feelings I had when I first saw this hanging on the east wall by the kitchen cabinet in the Tumwater house. I always felt it spoke volumes of what meant the most to our parents.


Judy said...

Nothing could be more humble, but valued; simple, but loaded with meaning, than this plaque. To be honest, I thought Ann had done the cross stitch. Wishful thinking?

Elizabeth said...

When I think of the fond memories Dad had of the little brown house in Penrose where Dwight, I, and Judy were born, and then the white house with the blue trim and roof across the way - and the careful planning that went into the modest house on 93rd south of Tumwater, there was a great deal of nostalgia and love involved for the orphan. Mother probably picked this out, and it was decoupaged to a plaque in the early '70s when we were all doing that sort of thing. I did think you had done the counted cross stitch, Ann. What is holding you up? (Sorting out your sewing room?) Thanks for posting this reminder. I had forgotten all about it.

Ann said...

If wishes were fishes I would never go hungry. I wish I had (cross stitched this little saying, that is). It's on the list!