Monday, July 18, 2011

Louise Blood Celebrates 80th Birthday

This beautiful formal portrait of our sister Louise, must be part of our blog record.  Her birthday party was held on Saturday, July 16 with her children honoring her in meaningful detail.  We hope to bribe those who had cameras to share their photos for all to see on the blog.....


Elizabeth said...

And please forgive all of us who forgot their cameras. We're really depending on Ann, and all of Louise's offspring who took so many pictures!

Ann said...

Hmmm, depending on Ann is a dangerous and often unproductive thing to do. I got busy talking and didn't do my job. Maybe Louise will get some of the photos from her kids and post them. It would be nice to have photos of her family to add to her record on the blog.
It was so nice to see Louise's children and their children and their children - what an amazing group of people.
The party was fun with bagpipes and all. I wondered if Louise would be able to sleep Saturday night.