Friday, October 28, 2011

Ann is Always Right

After a Sunday dinner of fish, which was yummy, I put one last uncooked piece on the stove to cook and promptly got distracted downstairs.  Bob went to the kitchen for a drink and found the kitchen in stinky smoke.  Yes, the smoke alarm, even with new batteries,  had failed.  I scrubbed and scrubbed, but the oder has lingered with us.  Today I called the expert:  Ann.  She said to put white, not red, vinegar in an open glass, not plastic and not metal,  container.  It sounded like the routine Grandma used to tell us when we wanted to get rid of our warts, but I followed Ann's instructions to the letter.

That was 4 hours ago.  We left for a couple of hours and just came back home.  Opened the door.............and you are right if you think that it worked!  Thanks, Ann!


Steve Blood said...

Fish not withstanding, do you think that an open gallon of the stuff would kill the bag oder?

Judy said...


Ann said...

This was a lucky guess. I am glad it worked. It is nice to be "right" once in awhile, but it truly isn't "always".
Steve, good luck with the burlap. See if Heloise has any thoughts for you.

Elizabeth said...

Judy, Who do I turn to? My seesters. They are always full of wisdom and truth and light. If one doesn't know, the other does. Steve, vinegar might work, but it would take gallons for that many burlap bags, wouldn't it?