Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Person from Dad's Past

I found this picture of Paul Hineman (sp?) in my folder of old pictures. Evidently, he was a friend of Dad's from Cody High School. Remember Dad talking about having to move the rocks off of the football field so that they could play football? Dad never finished high school, being more homesick for the ranch in Sunlight north of Cody than he was fond of learning. Dad did talk about having a letter sweater, and it looks like Paul had one, too. How about the striped pants? I remember Paul Hineman from when we lived in the little brown house, because he came to visit a few times. I was fascinated, because he smoked cigarettes and blew smoke out of his nose. We didn't see people smoke, so that alone seemed strange. I always wondered if the smoke could come out of his ears, too, but it never did. His voice was distinctive because of a slight cleft lip.


Steve Blood said...

Paul was a break-a-way from Molesworth as many of the other craftsmen were. I remembeer being at his shop once one the east side of Cody. When I saw Terry Winchell in Jackson this summer,(Molesworth, The Pioneer Of Western Design,)he was telling me that he came to realize what a tight community the craftsmen were in Cody. He has been collecting letters and invoices wherever he can find them. It's not surprising, the tight community, without internet, social media, not everyone had phones, etc.

Steve Blood said...


Judy said...

So do we have any old invoices, etc?
Good post, Elizabeth. This is one character that I do remember from our childhood. Paul came to the white house in Penrose at least once.